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Objective of the Hostel Committee:- To create a home away from home.

We, the Hostel Committee, ensure that the participants focus their energy on their academic goals without having to deal with any sort of day-to-day hassles. From your first step in the institute till your last, we smoothen your ride.

Hostel Committee logo:-


The functional aspects :- 

  • Acts as a facilitator between the participants and administration regarding any hostel related issues
  • Acts as a representative in discussing mess menu and food quality with various stakeholders
  • Facilitates the laundry service
  • Takes care of all the maintenance related issues encountered in the hostels
  • Takes care of any minor medical issues a participant might face

The functional workings :-

  • Rannbhoomi – An intra college sports event for the participants, professors as well as the administrative staff
  • Hostel Room allocation – for the incumbent batch. Ensuring a hassle-free gestation period for the new participants.

A volleyball match under progress

Committee Members-


Anupreet Arya


Anurag Mathur
Ph. - 8794730552


Jevaji Siddhartha
Ph. - 8794739559


Richa Sharma
 Ph.- 7042996855


Rohit Arora
Ph. - 7737733350


Shahank Patel
Ph.- 7738946940


Ph. - 8809478626


The idea behind the Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong is to spread smiles and joy. The Cultural Committee ensures that IIM Shillong gets its doze of fun and frolic periodically by celebrating all the festivals. It also tries to bring out the immense talent on campus and develop interest in extracurricular activities.

Talent Show

As the new batch of participants enters IIM Shillong, the Cultural Committee organizes a show to give them an opportunity to showcase their talent to the IIM Shillong family. The talent that unfurls from each batch leaves everyone mesmerized.

Freshers Party

The Freshers Party welcomes the incoming batch to its new home, IIM Shillong. It is the evening when everyone is dressed in their best to embark the beginning of the journey ahead of them. The highlights of the party are the Mr. & Mrs. Freshers.

Dahi Handi 

When everyone tries to break the ‘handi’ and become the ‘makhan-chor’, why should the girls and boys of IIM Shillong be behind? No leaf is left unturned while multiple attempts are made to form 3 and 4 tiered pyramids to reach the ‘matki’. The music, the dance, the sand and the ‘kabaddi’ all add to the excitement in the air.

Ganesh Chaturthi 

The pious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with all the rituals and ceremonies over a period of two days, beginning from the ‘Ganesh Murthi Sthapna’ and ending with the ‘Visarjan’.

Dandiya Night 

The beginning of the October festivity is marked by the Dandiya Night. Everyone puts their best foot forward trying to learn garba and clicking the dandiyas to the music beats. 

Dance Workshop

Waltzzz is the annual dance workshop that is held in October for a period of ten days. Three dance forms are learnt by the participants, which are presented to everyone on the final day.


As Diwali approaches, the entire college starts to scintillate with fairy lights and diyas. A two day celebration takes place which is filled with exhilarating events like Antakshari, Poker Night, Rangoli and Mehendi Making.

Christmas and New Year 

Right before leaving for the winter vacation, gifts are exchanged and carols are sung with an adorned Christmas tree which makes the eyes of the happy faces twinkle a little more.

Kite Flying and Lohri 

The new term is welcomed with kite flying where the participants try their best to cut some strings. The Punjabi festival of Lohri is also celebrated at the same time, where participants gather around the bonfire to sing, dance and enjoy the rewari.


Splashes of colour and dashes of joy, paint the happy faces of all the girls and boys on Holi. 


The year ends with a week of happy faces and teary eyes as we bid farewell to the outgoing batch.


The IT Committee of IIM Shillong, is an independent body of enthusiastic participants, responsible for identifying and fulfilling both the hardware and software needs of the RGIIM Shillong’s fellow participants.


  • We act as an interface between participant’s facing IT related issues and the IT administration of RGIIM Shillong.
  • We take care of the participant’s hardware and software requirement’s by installing licensed versions of software, required for academic purposes by the participants and by providing the necessary equipment operating at the physical layer or acting as a network interface for connectivity purposes.
  • The members of this committee are also capable of performing IP and other network related troubleshooting at a basic level, to help the participant’s facing connectivity issues.
  • We provide IT related support to the other clubs and committees when they organize events and guest lectures.
  • We maintain a central sharing server, which helps the participants share the resources among themselves.
  • We support the participants while configuring or backing up their email’s on their electronic devices.

Contact Details:



The placement committee is the frontline, when it comes to interaction between the students of IIM Shillong and the corporate world. The prime focus of the committee remains procuring the best industry offers in terms of final placements and summer internships for the college. Complimentary to which the committee also co-ordinates live projects, corporate competitions and corporate interactions through 'The Podium: A corporate guest lecture Series'.

The committee works towards building new relationships and fostering the existing ones with the corporate world, by understanding its changing requirements, and matching them with diverse individual aspirations of the candidates at IIM Shillong.


The Public Relations Cell of IIM Shillong acts as the interface between the institute and external entities such as corporates, media and other business schools. It aims at creating, fostering and managing professional relations with each of these entities.

It is responsible for providing guidance and mentorship to MBA aspirants seeking admission to IIM Shillong on popular forums like PaGaLGuY and On these lines, it conducted the seventh edition of Synapse, the mentorship program for the incoming batch. Working in collaboration with the Alumni Committee, it organized ‘Nexus’, the annual meet for the incumbent students and the existing students across various cities in India. Working closely with the Student Council, it played an instrumental role in welcoming the eighth batch of students into IIM Shillong.

The mandate of the PR Cell is to boost the visibility of IIM Shillong among corporates and educational institutions nationally and globally. In this regard, it organized the third edition of TEDxIIMShillong an independently organized TED event. The event featured prominent speakers from various domains like Mr. Nitin Kakkar, Film Director in Bollywood and Dr. Chithra Madhavan, renowned historian and epigraphist among others.

The Public Relations Cell, in association with the Placement Committee, played a vital role in organizing the fourth season of ‘The Podium’, the annual corporate lecture series at the institute. It featured corporates from various established companies like Deloitte, L’Oreal, InMobi, and HDFC etc. The PR Cell also conducts video conferencing sessions to interact with corporates from across the world representing various business domains.

Other activities that fall under the purview of the Public Relations Cell include expanding the presence of IIM Shillong on social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), promoting in-house events such as EmergE, Khlur-Thma, and SusCon on print as well as social media, publishing articles on prominent forums such as Inside IIM, and conducting events like the annual candle light march in the memory of Mr. Manjunath Shanmugam who was an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, in collaboration with the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust.


Work Hard, Play Hard

Mission: The founding committee primarily aims to augment physical fitness, sportsman spirit and leadership qualities. It helms the responsibility of contriving various sporting events that the entire student fraternity, faculty as well as the staff.

Vision: Institutionalizing the process of utilization of the sports talent pool available at IIM Shillong and making the institute’s presence felt in myriad of competitions throughout India. Moreover, we constantly strive to disseminate the principles of the institute through our working and aim for progressive collaboration with local and global community.

Sports Committee of IIM Shillong aims to motivate the student community to participate in competitive sports as well as other recreational activities. The primary objective of the Sports committee is to ensure the wellness of mental and physical health of each and every member of the IIM Shillong community. It acts as an interface for spreading the message of our institute through the medium of sports. The way we organize Sports manifests the inherent values for which our IIM Shillong community stands for.

Activities: BPL, KOPDA, Proposed inhouse tournaments for T.T, badminton, carrom and chess

Other activities that fall under the purview of the Public Relations Cell include expanding the presence of IIM Shillong on social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), promoting in-house events such as EmergE, Khlur-Thma, and SusCon on print as well as social media, publishing articles on prominent forums such as Inside IIM, and conducting events like the annual candle light march in the memory of Mr. Manjunath Shanmugam who was an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, in collaboration with the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust.

Present Members are Aditya Rastogi, Anisha KhuranaDevansh Sheth, Dibya PrakashGirish PaiPao HaoPraveen KumarVishrut Dinesh

Contact Details:

E-mail :

POC contact:  7085852474 – GIRISH PAI

Team Members

A Football team


The Student Council, being the apex student body of the Institute, is charged with the broad responsibility of overseeing all student activities in IIM Shillong. It is the representative structure of the students of the institute and its core responsibility is to act as an interface between the Institute’s Administration, various student bodies and the batch as a whole.

The Student Council organises the flagship event of the institute, The IIM Shillong Golf Cup and the annual B-School fest of the institute, Khlur-Thma. The Golf Cup, the only golf tournament organised by a B-School in India, acts as a great platform to increase corporate interaction with the institute. This year over 120 players from Government, Corporate and Media battled it out on the greens. The Annual B-School fest, Khlur-Thma which means "War of Stars" was also a success, witnessing participation from various B-Schools across India.

'Nurturing Minds', the teaching initiative in the memory of Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam is a brainchild of the Student Council and the Administration. The initiative intends to capture the essence of Dr Kalam's teachings, "Education for All, for Development" by leveraging the availability of resources with the institute to give back to the local community. It aims to touch the lives of the young and underprivileged students in Shillong by facilitating better learning and inculcating self-confidence in them. The initiative was kick started on the 15th of October 2015, the 84th Birth Anniversary of Dr Kalam. The response to 'Nurturing Minds' has been overwhelming from both, the local schools in coaxing their students to enrol for the programme and the students of our institute in volunteering as teachers for the same. Having started with classes for students of class 8th this year, the intention is to expand to classes 9th and 10th in the coming years.​

The Council is also actively assisting the Institute's Administration in introducing a Student Exchange Program and this year, the first batch of students are expected to commence the same.

The Student Council exists to create synergy for the institute by nurturing a sense of collaboration among its stakeholders and ensuring that the values on the basis of which the institute was established are upheld during the course of its growth.


Symphony, the literary committee of IIM Shillong, is an exalted platform for all those who strive to profess through words, colours or strokes.

Symphony publishes an annual magazine for the institute in the same name presenting erudite artistry of the participants of the institute. Providing an opportunity to express through articles, poems, art pieces and photographs, the Symphony magazine is a structured amalgamation of the thoughts of the participants. This year, the theme of the magazine elaborates the idea of perspectives and the inherent difference amongst the constituents of the society as they all look at different things ‘through the looking glass’. Symphony also organises movie shows from an elaborate set of horror to comedy, animated to drama et al for the participants to relish a state of the fictional within the periphery of reality.

This year, the committee organised sessions on gaining expertise in group discussions for all participants engaging in the summer internship process. This helped them gain access to some fundamental tips for content, voice modulation and presentation as part of a group discussion.

Collating ideas for the readers of the institute, Symphony presents the expressions of the minds of the ones around you.

Major Events Conducted:

  • Chairman’s GD
  • Group Discussions
  • Terribly Tiny Tales
  • Call for Articles
  • Movie Screening

Symphony Magazine:


Contact Details:


Committee Members-

Asavari Rana

Asavari Rana


Chirag Puri


Gitika Shah

 Meghna Thapliyal

Meghna Thapliyal

Sharan Subrahmanyam

Sharan Subrahmanyam

Shreyasi Halder

Shreyasi Halder

Surya Kiran Sharma

Surya Kiran Sharma


alumni 1

Members –

  • Aatish Gohil
  • Abhijeet Balakrishnan
  • Neha Mehta
  • Niharika Shrivastava
  • Priyanka Tewari
  • Soumya Vasishtha 

Faculty Co-ordinator – Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty

The Alumni Committee serves as the link between IIM Shillong and its former students. We strive to sustain this symbiotic relationship and to ensure that the institute as a whole benefits from the same.

A. The major functions of the Committee are: 

  • To maintain the alumni web portal, which provides a platform for the alumni to interact with one another
  • To organize video conference sessions for the current batches with the alumni to aid in placement activities
  • To convey the happenings in the institute to the alumni through social media, as well as through a newsletter
  • To aid the alumni in official matters relating to the institute
  • To prepare the annual yearbook for the outgoing batch
  • To organize the Alumni Mentorship Program wherein the participants of the first year are assigned mentors from the alumni based on their domain and industry of choice
alumni 1

Corporate Alumni workshop

B.  We conduct the following events throughout the year: 

  • Mélange – The annual Alumni Meet, held in one city.
  • Nexus – The annual meet among the alumni, current students and prospective students. This is held in collaboration with the Public Relations Cell, in multiple cities.
  • Corporate Alumni Workshop – A series of workshops, held in collaboration with the Student Council, where an alumnus visits the college and provides insights into his/her industry of expertise.
  • Vinculum – An interaction between alumni and prospective candidates to guide them during the admission process at the various cities.
alumni 1

Mélange 2016

alumni 1

Nexus Banglore

alumni 1

Nexus Kolkata

Contact Us:

Contact no - +91 9497656438

Mail - 

Alumni portal  -

The Alumni Association of IIM Shilling acts as the link between the institute and its global alumni-base, in order to foster an engaging, enriching and mutually beneficial relationship among all stakeholders of the institute. 

The committee conducts an annual Alumni Meet – Mélange, which sees participation of alumni from all the graduated batches, the Director and the members of the Alumni Association. The purpose of the meet is to increase the interaction within the alumni, derive the maximum synergy, networking, camaraderie out of it. This year Mélange was organized in New Delhi on 1st February, 2015 and was a huge success.

The committee arranges for alumni interaction sessions, which are a platform for the alumni to share their industry experience with the current participants. It has also undertaken an initiative to assign mentor(s) for the same purpose. 

The Alumni Association in coordination with the Public Relations Cell organizes ‘Nexus’, to initiate connect between the incoming batch and the institute. The event sees participation from the alumni, current batches and the incoming batch.

The committee has extensive online presence on all major networking sites through which it constantly keeps the alumni updated. A quarterly newsletter highlighting all the important activities and events held during the period is also published. Apart from this, it also comes out with a yearbook for the outgoing batch that contains briefings of all the events conducted, eminent personality visits and other celebrations on campus during that academic year along with the details of the outgoing batch. 

This year the Alumni Association has successfully launched its online web portal which will help strengthen the link with our alma mater.