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IIMSAGC has come a long way from its humble beginning, and it continues to strive to reach new heights by way of promoting the sport of golf among the B-school participants.


About the club

IIM Shillong has been hosting its flagship event “The IIM Shillong Golf Cup” since 2009, which has grown to reach new heights since its inception. After its inception in 2012, the IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club (IIMSAGC) took it up as its mission to increase the interest of students, the faculty members, and the administrative staff in the game of Golf and make the IIM Shillong Golf Cup a bigger success in the coming years. In order to increase the visibility of golf among the participants, the club has undertaken many activities in the past year. 

In addition to holding regular practice sessions for the students of the college, the Golf Club, along with the Student Council of IIM Shillong, was responsible this year for the organization of the annual Golf Cup. Golf Cup Season 7, which was an even bigger success than its predecessors. Several Corporate houses took part in the event, along with many dignitaries from the Government of Meghalaya and the Armed Forces. 

IIMSAGC organized a poster-making competition related to Golf in ‘Khlur-thma’, the annual Management Festival of IIM Shillong, under the name ‘Saksham’, which saw great participation from B-schools all over the country.

The Club also released 2nd edition of its annual golf magazine ‘Albatross’, with inspiring words from Col. Divakar Nagarajan, in addition to tit-bits about Golf Cup Season 6 and the sport of Golf. It showcased many updates from the world of golf, and contained tips for learning and improving one’s game, juxtaposed with the connection of golf with life in general and business in specific. 

Looking to the near future, among the many things that are currently in the pipeline, the Club plans to host the third edition of “Anubhav” - an intra-college golfing tournament and “Paganica”- an online golf event for participants of all B-school across India, as well as many smaller pre-events. 

The 2nd edition of ‘Anubhav’ witnessed huge participation from PGP students and saw some real talent come out in the students of IIM Shillong. The entire event was full of fun and follow-throughs on the course. This year “Paganica” also witnessed huge participation from different management colleges. All in all, IIMSAGC has come a long way from its humble beginning, and it continues to strive to reach new heights by way of promoting the sport of golf among the B-school participants.

Events organized by IIMSAGC:


Anubhav is an intra-college golf tournament conducted by IIMSAGC to introduce Golf as a sport to the students of IIM Shillong. This provides the opportunity to learn and compete with fellow participants in various events such as putting, chipping and stroke play.


The Annual Golf magazine of IIMSAGC, it showcases the activities undertaken by the Golf Club throughout the year including the flagship event of IIM Shillong, Golf Cup. The magazine is circulated among the corporates so as to increase the corporate wide visibility of IIM Shillong.

Golf Training Session

Golf training sessions are conducted at the Shillong Golf Course for interested participants of IIM Shillong throughout the year. The students, often under the supervision of a professional instructor, undergo basic training on how to play golf. The practice session involves training on swinging, teeing, putting, chipping and various tricks essential for playing golf.

Golf Cup

With a view to connect top corporate professionals, esteemed government officials, local figureheads, and professional golf players with the management academia in a leisurely setting, IIM Shillong hosts its flagship event with the help of IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club and the Student Council on the scenic Shillong Golf Course, known to be one of the few natural golf courses in Asia. IIM Shillong is the first and only Indian B -School to host its own Golf Invitational Tournament with the first edition convened in the year 2009.

Miniature Golf Tournament

With the intent to involve the students actively in the sports of Golf, the Golf club has planned to start a miniature Golf tournament within the IIM Shillong campus. This would help the students in appreciating the nuances of putting and chipping as well as the importance of accuracy in this beautiful game. It will instills a strong connect between the game and the picturesque campus that we are blessed with.


To increase the awareness about the sport of golf within the B-school student’s fraternity, IIM Shillong Amateur Golf club organizes annual golf quiz event comprising of two rounds: first round being a general golf quiz and the second round which varies year on year so as to increase the interest towards this corporate sport.


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