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The Operations Club of IIM Shillong


Why you should join Op-Era

  • To explore career options in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management.
  • To be part of a community of students interested in Operations domain.
  • To be part of live projects to enable Small and Medium scale Industries of North East India to achieve operational efficiencies.


Op-Era, The Operations Club of IIM Shillong is, at its core a special interest group comprising of individuals committed to promoting the academic disciplines of Operations Management and Operations Research. The members of this Club, through their publications and activities round the year, try to spread awareness and ignite interest in the various advancements and trends in the field of Operations. They organise a host of competitions and other exciting events both online and offline to this redundant.


  • To create a supportive community for IIM Shillong students interested in Operations domain
  • To create events and resources that foster participants interests in Operations domain
  • To help participants explore career options in the field of Operations and Supply Chain
  • Scale industries of North East India thereby enabling them to achieve operational efficiency through live projects

Club Activities


Shrinkala,  an operations case study challenge as a part of Khlurthama, the Annual B-school fest of IIM Shillong - The best supply chain minds from across the country fight the war that tests the skills of the contestants in the area of Contemporary Supply Chain & Operation issues

Oper8 (Operations week)

Oper8,  an intra-college competition to boost participation among the students of the institute through various events including fun, operation and strategy rounds, which recieve enthusiastic participation from students of all the programs of the institute


Gupshup,  Op-Era also initiates interaction between corporates and students by bringing stalwarts from industry to campus and facilitating videoconference to bring more awareness and experienced knowledge transfer sessions related to the real world experiences and future scope in the domain


Pravaha,  a bi-annual magazine, which highlights the trends and the best practices in the industry, explains and analyses concept of operations

Live projects

Live projects,  opportunities with the industry and government have also been initiated to enable the students to gain hands on with the industry in the field of operations


Workshops,  to help the small and medium businesses in North East in gaining the knowledge of operations and providing opportunities to the participants to help these businesses with their business problems


Op-timus,  an online intercollege operations event which is conducted at regular intervals throughout the academic year. This online series consists of interesting intercollege events which test the participant’s creativity, conceptual clarity and competitive agility in basics of Operations and Supply Chain concepts and awareness of the happenings related to the domain in corporate world. It also brings in participation from students of Management institutes across the country.

Latest Magazine


OPER8 2016

Our Team

abhitej anantha

Abhitej Anantha

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Aditya Rastogi



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Dhruv Kumar

gaurav kumar surekha

Gaurav Kumar Surekha 

revoori sai sumanth

Revoori Sai Sumanth

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Saurabh Pandey 

saurabh saran

Saurabh Saran 

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