State of Art IT infrastructure and communication facilities make the Campus well connected and gives students and faculty facility to engage with relevant communities around the world.


The main campus and its two annexes are connected with high speed optical fibre backbone. The campus LAN is supported by both wired and wireless infrastructure. The wired infrastructure is built over robust equipments with enhanced security features. The entire campus is covered by a modern wireless mesh network (WMN), which supports reliable communication from any part of the campus. High speed Internet connectivity is thus available across all hostel rooms through the wireless infrastructure. The gateway to outside campus is built in the form of 1 Gbps Internet leased line connection from National Knowledge Network, India.

Video Conferencing

Interaction with resource persons from outside is facilitated through high resolution video conferencing using IP. In addition to traditional but high resolution equipments, the Institute has also procured multiple licenses for software based video conferencing solution which supports many to many multicast communication over ordinary broadband connection using simple equipments like laptops with webcams.

Clasroom Tech

All the class rooms are aesthetically designed with high tech infrastructure. Each class room has an interactive white board with Internet connectivity. This relieves the participants from jotting down class notes, and instead concentrate on the discussion. The class jotting on the board can be mailed to the email accounts of the participants after the class. The classes are also provided with high speed wireless internet connectivity, so that necessary literature from different databases can be downloaded to enhance classroom discussion. Most of the class rooms are also provided with microphone facilities. Some classrooms are also equipped with videoconferencing facilities.The Institute also has its own Learning Management System which is being used extensively for various academic activities.

Campus Licensing

To support the software requirements of students, the Institute has a campus agreement with Microsoft whereby licenses for latest versions of operating system and office productivity tools are provided to each participant. In addition, licensed reputed antivirus programs are provided to all laptops in the campus. This discourages piracy, which is in line with the Institute’s endeavor to nurture managers with ethics.The successful development of Education Technology tools impact every aspect of the future of Education. Accessible, effective solutions for superior education empower students and teachers to focus on the task of learning.