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Faculty Publications 2015-2016


  • De, Amitabha. (2015), “Conferment of Fellowship” by the Awards Committee of the National Council of Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, 28th November. 
  • Tripathy, Naliniprava. (2015), “Fulbright Scholar Award” by Council for International Exchange of scholars (CIES) Washington, USA, October.
  • Tripathy, Naliniprava. (2015), “Awarded Membership of the Global Research Institute for Business Academics (GRIBA)”, in recognition of outstanding achievement and contribution to the body of knowledge, Australia, 16th August. 
  • Rani, Neelam (2015), “Conferred 3E Innovative Young Researcher Award” by 3E Innovative Foundation India, 14th June.


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  • Bhattacharya, M. and Bhattacharya, S.N. (2015), Participated in a workshop on “Data Analytics with SAS’’ at the “Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering”, IIT Kharagpur, 1-4 July. 
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  • Giri, Tapas Kumar (2015), Participated in a 2-days Workshop on “NLM” at ICAR, New Delhi, 20-21 May. 
  • Giri, Tapas Kumar (2015), Participated in a National workshop on “Review and Revision of National Forest Policy” by IIFM, Bhopal, organized at NEHU, Shillong, 13-14 October.
  • Mukhopadhyay, Arindum (2015), “Inventory Decision in Uncertain retail Supply Chain subject to a capacity and shortage constraint”, Presented at the “XIX Annual SOM International Conference” at IIM Calcutta, 11-13 December 2015.


  • Giri, Tapas, Kumar. (2015), participated in a State Level Workshop on “Green Economy in Meghalaya and North East Region” organized by Govt of Meghalaya at Institute of Governance, Meghalaya, 9 June.
  • Giri, Tapas, Kumar. (2015), participated in an Expert Consultation Seminar on “State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC)” at Pinewood Hotel, jointly organized by Meghalaya Forest & Environment Department and IBDL, Govt of Meghalaya, 13 May. 
  • Giri, Tapas, Kumar. (2015), participated in a “North East Connectivity Summit” at Meghalaya State Convention Centre, Shillong, 16-17 November. 
  • Kakoty, Sanjeeb. (2016), Presented paper on “Ecology, Sustainability and Embedded Belief Systems” at National Seminar on “Environment and Society: The Context of North East India”, at NEHU, Shillong, 14-15 March.


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    Invited Speakers in International Workshops/Conferences/Seminars:

  • Roychoudhury, Basav. (2015), Keynote Speaker on “Sustainability” at the NMRCA International Concrete Sustainability Conference at Miami, Florida, USA. 
  • Roychoudhury, Basav. (2015), Invited Speaker on “Green Initiatives in India at the International Conference on Extractive Resources and Global Governance: Distributive Justice and Institutions” at Yale University, New Haven, USA, 23 October. 
  • Roychoudhury, Basav. (2015), Participated in a Discussion on “Experimental Economics at ExCEN” at ExCEN, Georgia State University, USA, 29-30 October.


  • Saravana, P. (2015), Delivered a lecture titled, "Venture Capital and Private Equity" on the inaugural session on "Indian World - Class Manufacturing – The Road Ahead " in the National Conference at Fatima College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 1 October. 
  • Roychoudhury, Basav. (2015), Chaired a session track on “Corporate Social Responsibility” in the “3rd PAN- IIM World Management Conference” organized by IIM Indore, 16 December. 
  • Kharkongor, Natalie, West. (2015), Participated at a Seminar on “Beyond the Economic Value of Green – Changing Outlook in Adopting Green Technologies” organized by FINER and IIE at IIE, Guwahati, 25 June.
  • Kharkongor, Natalie, West. (2015), Panelist on “Entrepreneurship & Education in Northeast – The Way Forward” organized by FICCI and IIE, Guwahati, 26 June. 
  • Kakoty, Sanjeeb. (2015), Keynote Speaker on the theme: “Probity in Public Life and Corruption”, on the occasion of the celebration of “International Philosophy Day” Don Bosco University, Guwahati, 4 November.
  • Kakoty, Sanjeeb. (2016), Keynote address on the theme: “Emerging Directions, Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Education in India: With Special Emphasis on Undergraduate Level of Education” at the Tezpur College, 22 January. 
  • Kakoty, Sanjeeb. (2015), Gave talk on the theme of “Sustainability and Management Education” at Summit on “Sustainability Leadership” at the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, 5-6 July. 
  • Kakoty, Sanjeeb. (2015), Resource person at “Preventive Vigilance Workshop” at Power Grid Corporation of India, Guwahati, 11 June. 
  • Giri, Tapas, K. (2016), National Seminar cum Exhibition on “Make in India, Start up India and Stand up India” organised by NIRDPR (MoRD, GOI), Guwahati, on Session Chair: “Make in India in Rural North East: The Challenges” 25-26 February.


  • Sengupta, Keya. (2015), Delivered a session on "Challenges of the Indian Economy" to the army officers at Umroi, Barapani,
  • Saravanan, P. (2015), Delivered a special lecture on “Financial Strategies for Value Creation” in the Senior Accounts Officers Conference of Indian Air Force at Head Quarters - Eastern Air Command- Indian Air Force- Shillong on 18th June. 
  • Kharkongor, Natalie, West. (2015), Speaker at a Technical Workshop on “Green Economy” at MBDA, Shillong, 9 June. 
  • Kharkongor, Natalie, West. (2015), Attended US Consulate Meet at NEC, Shillong, 3 September. 
  • Kharkongor, Natalie, West. (2015), Convener, Symposium on “Smart Village” at Pinewood Hotel, Shillong 9 December. 
  • Kharkongor, Natalie, West. (2016), Attended Round Table on “Sustainable Urban Mobility, Ropeways: An Alternative” at The Convention Center, Pinewood Hotel, Shillong, 27 February. 
  • Roychoudhury, Basav. (2015), Special Winter School on “Challenges in Higher Education and the role of ICT, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre” at NEHU, 26 October – 15 November. 
  • Roychoudhury, Basav. (2016), Resource person for Workshop on “Accreditation and Transformation of Technical Education to OBE” at NIT Meghalaya on 22 -23, January.