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Developments in Teaching and Research Methods

Faculty Development Programme, 2019

Overview and Target Audience

The Faculty Development Program of Indian Institute of Management. Shillong is a fully residential program which aims at facilitating the current and prospective teachers of Business / Management and allied areas to strengthen their teaching and research skills in the contemporary and emerging areas of management. The Programme will also help the teachers to upgrade their knowledge of the recent developments in teaching and research methods.

Exposure to case based methods of teaching will help the teachers in developing the skills in preparing cases to be used for their classes.

The program is intended for current and prospective faculty members and researchers of management Institutes, university departments, degree colleges and other professional / staff training Institutes.

Important Dates

Program Duration: May 13th, 2019 to June 1st, 2019.

Submission of Application: April 30th, 2019


The three week program is planned out as 2 phase program:

Phase 1: The first two weeks will focus on learning styles, teaching pedagogy including case based teaching, Web tools for Teaching, Philosophy & Principles of Management, Introductory Statistics, Qualitative and Quantitative techniques for management research, Research paper writing skills Communication for management teachers and Macroeconomics for Business.

Phase 2: The last one week program will follow the two week program and applicants need to choose one specialisation from the basket of choices : Human Resources, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management.

The applicants will have the option for participating in Phase 1, Phase 2, or both.

Phase 2 Specialization Options:

Finance and Control: Finance has become a Sine qua non-element in all domain of management functions. The finance module intents to generate new ideas and perceptions for curriculum development, course design and research. The module attempts to share industry insights and research inputs to stay abreast of the changing industry practices, provides an understanding of financial statements for business analysis and valuation, an insight into strategic investment decisions and delve into capital markets and its impact on investments.

Human Resources: The sessions would aim to cover recent trends in the field of Human Resources mainly focusing on Human Resource Analytics (HRA) and Measurement of the HR Asset. The presentation is based on a critical review of the present efforts at generating GIGO while using Analytics for HR. Existing models of HRA remain only at the surface level and are neither able to predict nor estimate any measure which can be a tool to enhance the effectiveness of the system. That a purpose to generate the correct variables is necessary, specific to the domain, to be able to infer relevant information from large dataset and analytic capabilities.

Marketing Management: The module will provide insights on some advanced marketing topics like Marketing Analytics, Consumer Behaviour, Branding, and Retailing. The module will give insights on research, sales, understanding the consumer decision making, the value of branding and managing retail stores. The module will help participants sharpen their understanding on the wider context of marketing and on understanding to develop appropriate marketing strategies.

Operations and Supply Chain Management: The module will be a skill building module, where the participants are expected to develop their skills in describing and understanding operating process, measuring and analysing the process, and developing plans for changing operating processes within the context of entire supply chain of a product/services. The emphasis of the course would be on the broader view of operations within organizations as well as in entire value chain.

Business Analytics: The topic on Business Analytics will delve into the methods followed in making sense out of the madness in historical data, which can then be usefully utilized in different scenarios – business or otherwise. In its endeavour to demystify the area of data analytics, it will cover the concepts of estimation, classification, association and clustering, including the use of machine learning techniques. The sessions will be conducted in workshop mode, where the participants will be able to use the aforesaid methods hands-on using the very popular open source package – R.

Program Fees

  •      a) 3 weeks program – Rs 60000 + 18% GST
         b) 2 weeks program – Rs 40000 + 18% GST
         c) 1 Week (specialisation) program – Rs 30000 + 18% GST
  • Each participant need to choose either (a) or (b) or (c).
  • In case a participant chooses 3 weeks program and her/his choice of specialisation (one week program) does not run due to limited number of applications, s/he would be considered for 2 weeks program. The differential excess fee would be returned.
  • 10% concession in program fee will be given for three or more participants from the same Institute
  • Program fee includes tuition fee, course material, access to Institute library and e resources, and single room accommodation in IIM Shillong hostel.
  • Hostel accommodation will be available from May 12th, 2019 evening till June 1st, 2019 evening for participants of 3 weeks program. For 2 week program, the accommodation will be available to the participants till May 25th, 2019 evening, while accommodation for 1 week programme participants will be available from May 26th evening till June 1st, 2019 evening.
  • Fee doesn’t include travel, medical or any other type of expenses.

Accommodation & Excursion

  • IIM Shillong will arrange for free boarding and lodging. All rooms will be of single accommodation. Meals will include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Tea and Snacks will be provided in between the classes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Institute will also arrange for a Programme Dinner.
  • Local Sightseeing tour for one day will also be arranged by the Institute (for 3 weeks and 2 weeks participants only)

Batch Size

This programme envisages to be highly interactive in nature. Therefore the first two week programme can accommodate a minimum of 12 and a maximum of around 24 participants. The applications will be considered on first come first served basis. The specialisation programs will run in the third week. A given specialization will be conducted subject to at least 10 enrolments for the particular specialization. In case of highly interested candidates, increasing the capacity by a small number may be considered, but the accommodation provided might not match those of first 24 participants.

How to Apply

For Online (NEFT/Others) Program Fee payment: The application form can be downloaded from Institute website . The filled in form may be scanned and emailed to along with scanned copy of program fee remittance proof (showing transaction id or UTR no). No physical document/form needs to be sent to the Institute for online fee transfers.


For Program Fee payment through DD: The application form can be downloaded from Institute website . The filled in form along with the DD must reach IIM Shillong should be sent to Dean (Academics), Indian Institute of Management, Mayurbhanj Complex, Nongthymmai, Shillong: 793014. The envelope should be superscripted with the text “FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM -2019”

The filled in application including the program fee must reach the Institute on or before 30th April, 2019.


Program Coordinators: Prof Keya Sengupta, Prof Basav Roychoudhury, Prof. Shankar Purbey, Prof Sharad N Bhattacharya and Prof Bidyut J Gogoi

Contact: Dean (Academics) Indian Institute of Management, Mayurbhanj Complex, Nongthymmai, Shillong- 793014 East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya, India

Phone: 0364-2308121/2308000