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Program Structure

The structure of the Ph.D program primarily aims at providing individuals with ample opportunities to explore critical issues in management, identify opportunities for new frameworks and form new insights. The program offers opportunities for carrying out advanced interdisciplinary research in all fields of management education and practice.

Program Duration

The  Ph.D program is of four years duration including  two years spent in rigorous course work. The coursework aims at providing an understanding of management discipline, building theoretical foundations in the core area, developing basic skills for analyzing managerial problems and instilling research interest.

The coursework is expected to enable the participant to provide the platform for future research activities. The participant is evaluated through a Comprehensive Examination after the successful completion of course work and the doctoral dissertation period begins after successfully clearing the comprehensive examination. From third year onwards, the doctoral dissertation work provides them with an opportunity to make original contribution to an area of management or to one of its disciplines.

Areas of Specialisation

Participants can chose to specialise in any of the following areas of Management

  • Economics and Public Policy 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Systems
  • Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques 
  • Organisation Behaviour, Human Resource and Communication
  • Strategic Management 
  • Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics 


Participants are involved in research and dissertation work and often support Faculty in teaching assignments.