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A program structure that is a blend of academic and project work and industry exposure

The two year full time Post-Graduate Programme is fully residential. The structure of the MBA programme primarily aims at providing individuals with ample opportunities to learn time tested management principles as well as current best practices. It also provides an exposure to evolve next generation practices through active interaction with industry on a continuous basis. 

The structure of the programme is blended with core courses and elective courses spread over six terms in two years. The first year of the MBA programme has core courses, whereas, the focus of the second year is largely on elective courses across different areas. Each academic year is divided into three terms of approximately three months each. Participants undergo a two month compulsory internship with some corporate/organization after the completion of their first year of study. The second year comprises of elective courses designed to enhance participants’ knowledge across the areas of their choice. In addition to the normal individual course project assignments, participants are encouraged to undertake a comprehensive individual research project spanning across two terms in the form of Course of Independent Study (CIS). These courses are capped by a capstone course which helps participants to appreciate and develop a general management perspective of organizations. In addition to these, there are other programs/courses to enable participants to broaden their horizons as they prepare to become thought leaders for an economically and ecologically sustainable society.

Orientation Program 

This is the first program that the participants undergo at the Institute. The idea is to make the participants familiar and comfortable in the Institute, and to familiarize them with the pedagogy followed for various courses.

Remedial Programs 

This focuses on providing fundamental inputs on courses taken from multiple disciplines with the objective of bringing all participants, independent of their academic background, to a uniform level.

Foundation Course 

The Institute believes in sustainable development paradigm. The week long Foundation Course on Sustainability provides the participant an opportunity to understand themselves better and their responsibilities as future leader in a larger community – the society. The prime objective of this course is to enable unfreezing of mental models so that the participants are able to view the domain and practice of management on a larger canvas of life, living and aesthetics.

Core Courses 

The main objective of these courses is to develop a fundamental and conceptual understanding of different facets of business management. These courses are derived from diverse disciplines. They provide the basic theoretical, analytical and qualitative skills for identifying, analyzing and solving problems of business in particular and of the society in general. They also help the participants in developing an integrated view of organizational and managerial functioning, and in understanding the interdependencies that inherently exist amongst the different organizational subsystems. The participants also become aware of the business and social environment which influences the decisions made in an organization. The first year of study consists only of these core courses, while a few of these courses are spread over to the second year. These courses serve as a building block for further enquiry into similar and related areas of management.


To ensure overall development of necessary skills among the participants and prepare them for real life assignments, it is compulsory for the participants to undergo an on-the-job training programme irrespective of whether participants have past working experiences or not. The internship in the participating corporates/organizations is scheduled at the end of the first three terms in the first year and is approximately of eight weeks duration.

Elective Courses 

The elective courses are offered in the second year to the participants with the opportunity to concentrate on their areas of interest. The endeavor is that the participants graduating from IIM Shillong be equipped with substantial knowledge in those domains.

Course of Independent Study 

This is an option for participants who want to explore a given topic of interest in depth. The topic might involve several fields of study to find a solution to a managerial problem, and might be, but not necessarily, inter-disciplinary in nature. A participant undertaking CIS is expected to gain valuable experience in problem definition, in research, in collecting and collating relevant data, and in undertaking required analysis for drawing actionable conclusions. CIS thus offers an opportunity for an experience well beyond the regular course work.

Study Abroad Program

To further enrich the experience of the participants, the curriculum is supplemented by visits to foreign universities with a view to enabling understanding of business management from different cultural perspectives. This enables the participants to refine their outlook from diverse angles and also provide them an opportunity to interact with students from different nationalities. Visits to industries in those countries are also a part of the Programme. This ia an optional module, and is normally organized during the month of January so that they do not clash with the regular sessions of the Institute.

Podium Series 

The ‘Podium’ series is designed to bring the experiences of people who are behind the successes of corporates, businesses and social organizations to enrich the overall learning of the participants. In the previous years, Podium witnessed the visit of eminent personalities from various business backgrounds like Financial Institutions, Brand Consulting, IT Consulting, Banking, overseas B-Schools, Hospitality, Public Relations, Energy, etc., sharing their perspectives and experiences.