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As the world moves rapidly towards the Digital Age, we understand that the future leaders and managers need to embrace technology to be ahead of the curve. At the Systems and Analytics club of IIM Shillong, our focus is at simplifying and demystifying technical concepts and jargon to make it more accessible for budding managers. We act as a platform to promote digital literacy and equity by making the domain easily palatable to students from all academic backgrounds.

About the Club

We provide a platform for student enthusiasts to share and discuss the latest development in the analytics world.

Business Analytics Workshop

Workshops lasting multiple days on business analytics covering Advanced Excel, Tableau, Power BI are conducted to improve participant’s knowledge in these popular analytics tools. Workshops are conducted hands-on to increase engagement and create self-directed learners.


A virtual bidding simulation event designed for participants who have knack for mathematical quizzes and an interest in the field of analytics. The event is hosted under ‘Khlurthma - IIM Shillong's Annual Management festival’.


Sim-bITte is an analytics-based business case study competition that would test data analytics and problem-solving skills. The aim is to solve a real-life business problem in which teams are expected to utilize their knowledge and skills to come up with data driven solutions.


A Product-based Case Competition aimed at inculcating and developing interest in the field of Technical Product Management. This is a formal extension of Product Interest Group based interactions where participants with similar inclinations have casual meets to share product knowhow and discuss related recent developments

Schatzsuche - The Online Treasure Hunt

This is an annual competition that tests knowledge of the current developments, problem-solving skills of participants & help the participants to test and enhance their knowledge of analytics by answering the questions based on analytics and its application which enabling a cognitive form of learning experiencing with gamification.

Quizlytics - The Kahoot Quiz

This is an intra-college event that would test the participants' knowledge of the current developments, random trivia from the Tech and Data Science domain. It is a time-based quiz with points awarded to all who answer correctly, with fastest fingers scoring the most.

Snapshot of Events

6-day Business Analytics Workshop on Advanced Excel, PowerBl and Tableau

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Official Email ID:

Deepanshu Kansal -, +91 8826747499
Divya Premchandani -, +91 9836251594
Rahul Nair -, +91 8086562577