The EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong

EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong aims to make businesses truly sustainable and strengthen the link between social prosperity and economic profit. The club is passionate about promoting, practicing, studying, commenting on and communicating about sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility thereby achieving institutional excellence in the field of sustainability through its thoughts and actions.

About the Club

EcoBiz Club focuses on strengthening the link between social prosperity and economic profit, and tries to instill among the members of the institute a notion of social responsibility. The club conducts various events through which it continuously aims at making the businesses sustainable in nature. The Club also focuses on conducting tree plantation drives and cleanliness drives within and off campus. EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong also carries out Live Projects with Government and NGOs and also conducts Green Business case study competitions. The club also gives importance in conducting the blood donation drives to instill among the members of the college a sense of caring and sharing.

Flagship Events


2021 marks the beginning of the annual flagship event, Econaissance. The event combines the best of sustainability and analytical thinking, making in-roads into consultative thinking, marking new beginnings and culminating in a round of nail-biting debates that sought to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.


Shillong is blessed with nature's bounty’ it is one of the most promising cities in the North East region. EcoTrek seeks to bring together nature and the IIM Shillong community in an enjoyable experience of trekking in the sacred groves of Mawphlang.

Other Events


"Pen is mightier than the sword". EcoBiz believes that opinions and a stance against the current issues will be a spark to a change. EcoWriter is an article writing competition where trending topics are given to the participants and asked for articles based on them.


“Sustainability in Business” is an overused phrase but very few of us are aware of the initiatives taken in the actual world. To overcome this and raise an awareness about current practises, Infinity, a case submission competition follows the below three-step principle:

  • READ: To equip oneself with unique business ideas based on sustainability (for eg.: Sustainable HR practices, marketing campaigns, eco-friendly inventions etc.) through secondary research.
  • REACH: Discuss the ideas with friends. Knowledge is power and sharing it makes people powerful.
  • PREACH: Make an engaging report on the ideas discussed.
  • Annual Blood Donation Drive

    Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person, the gift of life. More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day. A total of 30 million blood components are transfused each year. Annual blood donation drive by EcoBiz is IIM Shillong's way of returning back to the society not only academically but by blood itself.

    Snapshot of Events

    Blood Donation Camp

    Blood Donation Camp

    The students of IIMS taking a pledge on Gandhi Jayanti day to keep the Campus clean

    Cleanliness is a way of life for students at IIMS-Cleanliness Drive in the Campus

    Contact Us

    Official Email ID:

    Anjali Singh -, +91 8826010370
    Maharshi Sura -, +91 7567494611
    Sahil Goel -, +91 9990144332