The Hult Prize Committee of IIM Shillong

Hult Prize Organizing Committee 2019-2021

Hult Prize is one of the world’s most acclaimed entrepreneurship programs operating on more than 1500 university campuses in 121 countries and has become a benchmark startup challenge for social entrepreneurship. Fondly called the "Noble Prize for Students", the Hult Prize is organized by the Hult International Business School in association with the United Nations.

Harshit Somani, Sahil Brahmne, Komalangi Srivastava, Anvita Gupta, Vinushree Jain

About the Club

The Hult Prize Committee is responsible for conducting the On-Campus Challenge of the Hult prize. The committee collaborates with the Hult International Business School for the smooth conduct of the On-Campus round.

Out of numerous participating teams, top 6 teams are selected to present their ideas to an esteemed panel of judges comprising of veteran Entrepreneurs, professors from IITs and IIMs, start-up founders and sustainability experts.

The winning team goes onto the regional round that is held in one of the international cities of Asia.

Contact Us

Anvita Gupta : +91-9044807453
Sahil Brahmne : +91-8655626665
Vinushree Jain : +91-9820510224