The Marketing Club of IIM Shillong

The Marketing Club of IIM Shillong gathers the zeal of all marketing enthusiasts and channelizes it through various activities. This enables the students to gauge the various aspects of marketing domain beyond classrooms and leverage the same to get a stronghold in their professional careers thereon.

About the Club

The hub for marketing at IIM Shillong, Markathon serves as an intersection point for marketing acumen and creativity for all Marketing enthusiasts.

The flagship marketing event of IIM Shillong - ‘GodSellers’ is an annual extravaganza that gives an opportunity to showcase talent for marketing and entrepreneurship. It is a fun filled event that witnesses zealous participation from the entire fraternity of the institute.

The Club aims at interesting the students to hone their marketing knowledge and skills. To keep the marketing spirit upbeat throughout the year, the club organizes - “Jingstad”, an umbrella event that aims to test creativity and quick thinking through two events that come under it - War of Brands and Ulta Pulta. Another event called X-Marketer is a dynamic event that changes its rules every year, presenting participants with exciting new challenges.

The club releases its flagship quarterly magazine-Markathon, reaching out to a host of corporates and premier B- Schools. The much adored section Vartalaap features interviews of eminent personalities enriching the connect between corporate and academia.

The Club focuses on upskilling all the students through competitions and activities along with roping in various project, interactive sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.


This is the flagship Marketing event of IIM Shillong, that aims to test the Marketing, entrepreneurship and selling skills of participants. The week-long endeavour sees participants across all batches strategize for their team and engage in a multitude of innovative promotional activities. The entire fraternity comes together for this extravaganza to celebrate the Marketing spirit on campus.

War of Brands

Organized under the umbrella of “Jingstad”, it is a three stage competition organized by the Club is nothing short of a battlefield, wherein participants engage in ambush marketing to not only design campaigns for various brands but also market their ideas through social media platforms.

Ulta Pulta

Also organized under the umbrella of “Jingstad” and as the name suggests, everything is in reverse. You think you know a brand, till we take it and completely change it to its polar opposite. This event is for the creative geniuses out there.


The speciality of X-Marketer lies in its dynamism, as it changes its rules and formats every year. While its underlying principle is to test participants’ acumen and creativity, X-Marketer presents itself with new twists for all Marketing experts on campus.


"Touchstone", our case study competition provides budding marketers across the country the stage to prove their marketing acumen by delving into the marketing and branding strategies for products and services. Past participants have included the likes of IIM A, MICA, IIM L, SPJIMR and other top B Schools in India.

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