The Operations Club of IIM Shillong

To develop a corporate relationship rooted in the passion for the discipline of "Operations" that is mutually beneficial to both students of IIM Shillong and the corporate world

Angad Singh, Kancharla Sreekar Reddy , Manish Vashisht, Hrishikesh Wagle, Pargunan Parthibarajan, Preetham Ongole, Prajna Parameeta, Parhul Hiranadani, Ayush Agarwal.

About the Club

Op-Era, The Operations Club of IIM Shillong is, at its core a special interest group comprising of individuals committed to promoting the academic disciplines of Operations Management and Operations Research. It facilitates sharing of knowledge on Operations Management and Decision Sciences thereby enriching the student community with a deeper appreciation and wider application of Operations Management and its related fields. It organizes a host of competitions and other exciting events both online and offline. Oper8, the flagship event of Operations Club, is a week-long intra-college event to boost participation among the students of the institute through various events including fun, operation, and strategy rounds. It also organizes a series of inter-college competitions called Optimus, held multiple times a year and receives an enormous amount of participation from top B-schools of India. Operations Club also interacts with industries and governments to bring live projects for participants interested in operations and related domain. It organizes a workshop annually to enable participants to interact with people from industries to understand real life challenges. The club also organizes case study competitions as part of various events that are held at IIM Shillong.


The club initiates interaction between corporates and students by bringing stalwarts from industry to campus and facilitating video-conference to create more awareness and experienced knowledge transfer sessions related to the real world experiences and future scope in the domain


Optimus is an online intercollege operations event which is conducted at regular intervals throughout the academic year. This online series consists of competitions which test the participant’s creativity, conceptual clarity, and competitive ability in basics of Operations and Supply Chain concepts and awareness of the happenings related to the domain in the corporate world. It also brings in participation from students of Management Institutes across the country.


Oper8 is an intra-college competition to boost participation among the students of the institute through various events including fun, operations, and strategy rounds, which receive enthusiastic participation from students of all the programs of the Institute

Other Events

Op-S’kool, Shrinkala, Live Projects and Workshops

Snapshot of Events

Participants showing creative skills during Rann-Neeti

Winners of a competition held during Oper8

Winners of a competition held during Oper8
Participants brainstorming during Fantasy Cricket Championship, an event under Oper8

Contact Us

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Kanchala Sreekar,8125176773