Zeitgeist, the Literary, Quizzing, and Activities Club of IIM Shillong was formulated in 2017 to encourage students to expand their knowledge and aid in the quest of the Institute to become one of the centers of excellence in the country. The Club's primary activities entail conceptualizing, planning & conducting quizzes, parliamentary debates, photography, art, and writing events. The Club's mission is to develop, foster, and nurture oratorical, debating, quizzing, and creative culture in the students of IIM Shillong.

The Club believes that co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like Quizzing, Debating, Photography, and Art are all facets of multidisciplinary learning that are imperative for holistic learning and an overall enhancement of the mind.

About the Club

They say a management course is designed to develop one's personality. Zeitgeist, the Literary, Quizzing, and Activities Club of IIM Shillong is the perfect place to showcase one's talent and develop a well-rounded personality. Be it in quizzing, debating, photography, writing, creating art, or taking up a role play, the Club aspires to develop, foster, and nurture a multidisciplinary culture in the students of IIM Shillong.

The Club's primary activity is to conceptualize, plan & conduct annual literature fest, monthly quizzes, debates, workshops, fun fests, movie club, and art-related events. Through these activities, we help hone participants' skills and prepare teams to represent IIM Shillong at national and international levels through active participation in events like, 'Tata Crucible,' 'Nihilant,' and 'Khulrthma.' It is also a founding organizer of the first pan-IIM debate, 'Death by Rebuttal.'

The Club also designs, develops, and publishes the annual magazine of IIM Shillong called Symphony. Last but not least, Zeitgeist also presents the Prep Team, whose sole purpose is to help the batches be better prepared for the placement process.


To guide students towards an overall development of their personality.


To help students expand their knowledge, and broaden their horizons by focusing on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to help them excel at national and international levels .


Zenith – a Fest so Lit!

Zenith is the annual literature festival of IIM Shillong. Here, we conduct national level quizzes, literary events, debates, and skits.

Prep Team

To cap all the activities with a sprig of seriousness, we formulate a prep team whose sole purpose is to help the batches be better prepared for the placement process and tackle this phase with the best foot forward.


Coup-de Grace is the annual debate competition organized by us under the umbrella event – 'Khlurthma.' The debate competition welcomes massive participation from pan India B-schools and colleges. Here, the participants get to test their oratory and communication skills.


Symphony, the annual magazine of IIM Shillong, is a treasure of articles, poems, and pictures, which encourages creative temperaments. It is a chronicle of student activities and achievements for the academic year. The magazine is distributed to management schools throughout the country to offer readers a feel of the outstanding quality of participants that the Institute harbours.

Latest edition: https://issuu.com/symphony.iims/docs/symphony

Quizzes & Workshops

We conduct various quizzes such as ‘Vyapar’- the business quiz series, quizzes on pop culture and sports to grow one’s acumen. We also conduct various workshops to broaden the pallet and make the participants well-rounded individuals.

Snapshot of Events

Coup De Grace – Debate Competition

Photography Workshop by Fujifilms

Participants in the General Quiz

Contact Us

Official Email ID: zeitgeist@iimshillong.ac.in

Archit Kottapalli - archit.pgp20@iimshillong.ac.in, +91 9000444783
Shuchi Aggarwal - shuchi.pgp20@iimshillong.ac.in, +91 9958945816
Bhaswar Chowdhury - bhaswar.pgp20@iimshillong.ac.in, +91 9432202775