Alumni Committee

Serving as the bridge between the participants, institute, and the industry, the Alumni are the strongest assets of any institution. They are the focal points of the program in the field. As representatives of the program in particular and the Institute in general, the Alumni Committee of PGPEx-MBEE strives to create a reciprocal atmosphere for the facilitation and interaction of the alumni with the current batch and other stakeholders of the institute.

Sourav Biswal, Aravind Srinivas, Pratik Nayan, Ravi Kant, Prem Devara

About the Committee

The Alumni Committee acts as a single point of contact between the global alumni of IIM Shillong PGPEx program and the institute. It fosters a conducive environment to the dissipations of data, insights, knowledge, and experience between the alumni and the ongoing participants further enhancing their peer learning.

  • Major Initiatives by the Alumni Committee-
  • Xchange Series - Industry Insights by the PGPEx Alumni - An event for the participants to engage with the esteemed alumni in a fruitful discussion on a one to one basis.
  • Sakaratmak – A two-day panel discussion conducted on 22nd & 23rd Aug 2020, with the Alumni from various domains along with the faculties covering four major topics ranging from leadership to sustainability.
  • Annual alumni meet- This is held in conjunction with the conclave organized by SAC. Panel discussions are held.
  • Facilitating the onboarding of the incoming batch by arranging a common platform with the alumni.
  • Coordinating for Mélange - the annual alumni meeting at the campus with the Alumni Committee of PGP.

Snapshot of Events

Started by the Alumni Committee of PGPEx – MBEE 2020, it is a bi-weekly talk show with the esteemed alumnus, on the recent developments in various industries

Snippets of Xchange Series

Sakaratmak:Opening Ceremony

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Naliniprava Tripathy (Dean, Alumni and External Relations) and Dr. Rohit Dwivedi (Chairperson, PGPEx-MBEE)

Sakaratmak: Panel Discussion 1 - Resolving Problems for Management (22 - Aug – 2020)

Sakaratmak: Panel Discussion 2- Business management reorientation (22 – Aug - 2020)

Sakaratmak: Panel Discussion 3- Reconfiguring growth post COVID (23 – Aug – 2020)

Sakaratmak:Panel Discussion 4- Management, managers and responsibility (23 – Aug – 2020)

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Sourav Biswal, Email:, +91-7710003534
Aravind Srinivas, Email:, +91-9500803860
Pratik Nayan,, +91-8017222877
Ravi Kant, Email:, +91-8981881316
Prem Devara, Email:, +91-9515005439