Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee ensures that IIM Shillong gets its doze of fun and frolic periodically by celebrating all the festivals. It also tries to bring out the immense talent on campus and develop interest in extracurricular activities.

About the Committee

Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong brings smiles, laughter and a feeling of being at home at the campus. The committee not only celebrates festivals such as Lohri, Holi, Christmas etc. but also organizes Freshers, Farewell, Waltzzz (10 Day dance workshop) to keep the spirits of the participants high.



The time to know yourselves, know this place which becomes home for the next two years; the adventure with a fun filled freshers.


Battle of the Sections where the participants witness unveiling of talents and begin the process of getting to know the batchmates and fighting it out to become the best section.


A night filled with high energy dancing.

UTSAV – Diwali Celebration

The festival of lights, the shine of bright minds, the onset of prosperity, that is brought by the celebration of Diwali.

AGHAAZ – Christmas and New Year Celebration

Marking new beginnings, bringing gifts to each other; a 2-day event filled with music and laughter.


The warmth of Bonfire, and the adventure of Kite flying.


Participants put their dancing shoes on, and groove to the dance workshop.


The annual cultural fest of IIM Shillong which sees intercollege participation from various esteemed B-Schools and includes events around singing, dancing, theatre, fashion show etc.


Painting the canvas with own colours, reminiscing in the masterstroke of one’s own.


Bidding goodbye for a new start, days filled with walks down the memory lane.

Snapshot of Events

Farewell to PGP19 Batch

Holi Celebration

Nirvana - The Annual Cultural Fest

Section Wars

AGHAAZ - Christmas and New Year Celebration

Waltzzz Workshop

UTSAV - Diwali Celebration

The high spirits of Dahi Handi

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