Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee facilitates interaction between the institute for PGPEx program and its various external stakeholders as corporates, other B-schools and media publications. It takes care of all the external communication from the institute for the executive program. With the purpose to popularize the program and creating the brand image of the institute, it instigates itself into various activities on variety of platforms. It achieves by engaging regularly with print media and by making online presence of the institute and its executive program.

Akhilesh Chandra Mishra,Anand Krishnan,Kirti,Pushpa Kumari,Umesh Singh

About the Committee

The committee acts the spokesman of the executive program and is accountable for press releases to print and digital media, and posts updates on social media about all the activities in the campus, be it student achievements and institute performance. It is responsible for interviewing guests, industry leaders and lecturers on the latest industry trends. It is also responsible for internal communication by reporting events, achievements to the students, faculty and administration community of the institute. The team comprises of 5 enthusiastic and energetic individuals from varied walks of life and industry background. They work in close harmony with each other to smoothly execute each task given.

PR team works closely with Placement, alumni and Cultural committee to capture each event organized and takes care of social media presence of it.

Major Initiatives by the PR Committee:

  • iLead webinar Series – Industry Insights by the Industry Experts - An event for the participants to engage with the esteemed industry experts in a fruitful discussion on a one to one basis from various domain.
  • Lyoh Literature – The publication of monthly newsletter exclusive for PGPEx Program will include contents from PGPEx-Participants, PGPEx-Alumni, Faculties and key events of IIM Shillong, whereas the contents will largely be focused on Emerging Economies.
  • Being responsible for updating all the media handles with all the events and creating brand image for the program and the institute.

Snapshot of Events

Ilead Session with Mr. BP Biddappa, Global Vice President-HR, Unilever Home Care speaking on the “Leadership: Thriving through global Challenges”

Mr. Indrajeet Sengupta, Executive Director & CHRO, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, speaking on the “Most prefered people skills for managers Post Pandemic” @ilead Session

PGPEx-MBEE participants in Ilead Session with Mr. Indrajeet Sengupta, Executive Director & CHRO Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd.

PGPEx-MBEE participants with Mr. Ashish Shah, Founder and COO,

Contact Us

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Members of the PR committee:
Akhilesh Chandra Mishra, Email:, +91 7828237146
Anand Krishnan, Email:, +91 8939893029
Kirti, Email:,+91 9937430665
Pushpa Kumari, Email:, +91 9871086916
Umesh Singh, Email:, +91 8010466154