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Hostel Committee 2019

To create a home away from home!

We, the Hostel Committee, ensure that the participants focus their energy on their academic goals without having to deal with any sort of day-to-day hassles. From your first step in the institute till your last, we smoothen your ride.


Sagar Punjabi, S Prudhvi, Ritika Jha, Shubham Agnihotri, Sachin Agarwal, Vanya Nigam, CH Sneha, Nikita Agrawal, Richa Agarwal

About the Committee:

The functional aspects of hostel committee includes:

  • Acts as a facilitator between the participants and administration regarding any hostel related issues
  • Acts as a representative in discussing mess menu and food quality with various stakeholders
  • Facilitates the laundry service
  • Takes care of all the maintenance related issues encountered in the hostels
  • Takes care of any minor medical issues a participant might face

Contact Details:

Official Email ID:

Sagar Punjabi: 81973 49450,

S Prudhvi: 89700 05640,

Ritika Jha: 99165 64151,