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IT Committee 2019

The IT Committee of IIM Shillong, is an independent body of enthusiastic participants, responsible for identifying and fulfilling both the hardware and software needs of the IIM Shillong’s fellow participants.


Gargi Sur Chaudhury, Nidhi Mishra, Anjali Gupta, Vipul Garg, Ambati Uday Kaushik, Prateek Shukla, Shashank Gontia

About the Committee:

  1. We act as an interface between participant’s facing IT related issues and the IT administration of IIM Shillong.
  2. We take care of the participant’s hardware and software requirement’s by installing licensed versions of software, required for academic purposes by the participants and by providing the necessary equipment operating at the physical layer or acting as a network interface for connectivity purposes.
  3. The members of this committee are also capable of performing IP and other network related troubleshooting at a basic level, to help the participant’s facing connectivity issues.
  4. We provide IT related support to the other clubs and committees when they organize events and guest lectures.
  5. We maintain a central sharing server, which helps the participants share the resources among themselves.
  6. We support the participants while configuring or backing up their email’s on their electronic devices.

Contact Details:

Gargi Sur Chaudhury:  84788 29220,

Nidhi Mishra:  70144 19986,

Anjali Gupta:  98915 24395,