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About the club

They say a management course is designed to develop one’s personality. Koutuhal, the Activities Club at IIM Shillong is the perfect place to show one’s talent and shine. Be it in quizzing or debating or taking up role plat, Koutuhal is the one stop for everything ‘fun’ related in IIM Shillong.Our primary activity is to conceptualize, plan & conduct quizzes, parliamentary debates, skits, puzzles, prose and poetry writing events. Through these activities, we help hone our skills and prepare teams to represent IIM Shillong at national and international levels through active participation in events like ‘Death by Rebuttal’ and ‘Nihilant’.


To solve the cat's Schrödinger's paradox


Bootstrapping the chicken-and-egg problem


Ariadne’s Thread

You have entered the maze of the legendary King Minos of Crete and now need to get out. Follow the clues of Ariadne to thwart the cruel king using Ariadne’s clues and find the treasure. But beware, the dangerous Minotaur lurks somewhere close.

Death by Rebuttal 

The Battle of the IIMs doesn’t get bigger than this. 8 top colleges, 1 prize. More importantly, the bragging rights to be the best orators in all IIMs. The stakes are high and the price of failure is elimination and ignominy. Let the Debates begin!!!


What better way to let our hair down than to let the hidden ‘dramebazz’ within all of us a way out? Participate with Koutuhal in bring out an annual production for the entertainment of the entire batch. Come one, come all and be prepared for entertainment.

Prep Team 

To cap all the activities with a sprig of seriousness, we present the prep team whose sole purpose is to help the batches be better prepared for the placement process and tackle this phase with our best foot forward.

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