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TopFollow APK V3.9 Download + MOD APK with Unlimited Coins [Official]

TopFollow APK is one of the trending applications around that world that is being used by many social media celebrities and those who aspire to be an Instagram star or social media star. Social Media has become part of all our lives and subconsciously we all judge people on social media with the amount of Followers they got and the reach they have among the audience. And TopFollow App is one of a kind follow sharing platform where you can join and get unlimited or millions of followers without having to spend a single rupee. But the challenge with this amazing application is that its hard to find the Original TopFollow APK on the internet, and so we have given the direct download links to the Latest TopFollow v3.9 APK for free in this article. And If you are one of those who would not like to perform any task in the app to gain followers, you must try the TopFollow MOD APK in which you get unlimited coins to get the followers.

Download TopFollow APK + MOD

Click on the download link below to download the original version of TopFollow APK to your Android device, and follow the steps given in the instructions section to install the provided APK files without any error on your Android device.

If you are searching for the TopFollow MOD APK that has unlimited Coins to spend on your account, we have got it too. Download the MOD APK from the button below, But beware that your TopFollow Account can be banned if you over use it to gain followers.

If you are confused about how to install these APK files on your Android phone, then just follow the below given steps exactly and you will have TopFollow application installed on your phone.

How to Install TopFollow APK on Android

Step 1: Download the TopFollow APK or TopFollow MOD APK file to your Android device from the links given above.
Step 2: Navigate to your Android security settings and make sure the “Unknown Sources” Option is enabled. This setting is required to install any application using the APK file.
Step 3: Now, open the downloaded APK file and click on “Install” button, wait till the installation is completed successfully and a success message is shown.
Step 4: That’s it, now you can open and start using TopFollow from your app gallery or your home screen.

How to Use TopFollow to get followers?

TopFollow APK Download + MOD APK

Using TopFollow to get Instagram followers is really easy, just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the TopFollow application and login with any of your Instagram account from which you don’t mind following multiple strangers to gain the coins in your TopFollow Account.
Step 2: Go to Earn Credits tab and start liking all the posts or pages shown on the screen randomly, and you will earn a fixed number of coins for each of these activities.
Step 3: Go to “Get Followers” Tab in the app, and enter the Username of Instagram account on which you would like to receive the followers.
Step 4: Select the amount of coins you want to spend on the campaign.
Step 5: Wait and see your followers count reach the sky.

TopFollow APK FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How to fix “bad base64 problem” on TopFollow Application?
Ans. This error is displayed when the app’s internal functions crash on your device. You can simply fix it by closing and reopening the app.

Q. How to fix Login Error in TopFollow?
Ans. Login Error is displayed when you have entered bad credentials of the Instagram account, check the spelling and caps lock before entering your password. You ca also try to clear the TopFollow’s Cache and data from the application settings and try re-logging in.

Q. Can Instagram Ban my account for this?
Ans. No, Instagram doesn’t ban your account, in case if you overuse TopFollow to gain too many followers, then they might take action to remove some of the inactive followers.

Q. Can I use my real Instagram account to like earn coins in TopFollow?
Ans. It’s your wish on which account you want to use to gain coins in the TopFollow APK, but we would recommend you not to use your main Instagram account for this, as it might make your Main Account look spammy with multiple irrelevant following.