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Why invest 2 years?

As the pioneer in sustainability practices in the world of business, IIM Shillong puts you at the center of ethical leadership in business while empowering you with the skills, knowledge and attitude to drive sustainable development in business and local communities. Our thrust on contextual knowledge and a focus on partnering with communities for development will equip you to lead a complex global world.
Your two years at IIM Shillong will open diverse possibilities for you to redefine your career, life and the world. Chisel your analytical and creative thinking abilities. Explore new ideas, cultures, perspectives, opportunities, master new skills, practices to transform your world and that of business. Adapt, evolve and grow as our dynamic and diverse community challenges, inspires, supports and celebrates you.


Working Abroad



Competence Goals and Program Objectives

Competency Goal 1

Contemporary managerial problem-solving acumen.
Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
Programme Objectives:
The students should be able to:
PO 1a: Analytically examine the Managerial Problem using their domain knowledge.
PO 1b: Develop critical thinking abilities to understand, analyze and communicate innovative alternatives for decision making.
PO 1c: Anticipate and adapt to disruptions catalyzed by emerging technologies.

Competency Goal 2

Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.
Students will be able to demonstrate ability to lead themselves and others for business decision making.
Programme Objectives:
The students should be able to:
PO 2a: Contribute individually and as a team player.
PO 2b: Communicate impactfully in a local / multi-cultural / global environment.

Competency Goal 3

Awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in business and society.
Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in a changing GLOCAL order.
Programme Objectives:
The students should be able to:
PO 3a: Recognize ethical issues in different global business contexts.
PO 3b: Demonstrate awareness about the sustainability challenges in decision making.

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