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Program: Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPEx)
Degree: Master of Business Administration

The program endows a transformational journey that opens up new avenidas for your future career. Expanding your ‘points de vue’ and fostering meaningful connections while studying alongside your growth-oriented peers, you will build the competencies that differentiate you to lead business operations across the transnational landscape. During the twelve-month program you develop critical problem-solving skills with functional management knowledge that brings a contemporary solution to today’s challenges. You engage with the collaborative community at IIM Shillong to build curiosity that makes you aware of the ethical and sustainability challenges in business and society and the disruptions catalysed by the emerging technologies. To meet your aspirations and professional objectives, you also dig deep into the subjects of your choice, with the flexibility to pursue international immersion and in-company training while experiencing multicultural life and working styles.

As we see strong trends reshaping the working space and the need for critical skills and organizational capabilities with demand for networked learning, the program curriculum has undergone changes to remain contextually relevant and develop in its participants such competencies which are essential for thriving in today’s networked and increasingly collaborative organizations. Since its inception, the PGPEx program has focused on managing businesses in emerging markets. The program for the tenth batch is more global in its curriculum while recognizing the need to contextualize and cater to the needs of transnational communities. The international module of the program ensures that each participant gets insights into the economic, social and cultural aspects of emerging countries. Each participant gets first-hand exposure to the country during the visit and understands the contemporary situation and society’s evolution. The workshop series and innovation camp are the hallmarks of this program that provides an opportunity to think outside the box and translate your innovations, creativities and insights into something relevant.

Important Note : IIM Shillong is working with all the other IIMs to engage with MoE and address the concerns related to the program. The final structure of the program (Degree / Diploma) would depend upon the outcome of the said interaction. Currently, IIM Shillong is giving MBA degree on successful completion of the program.


  • Global curriculum with emerging insights
  • International in-company training / live projects
  • Focus on in-demand Skills
  • Demonstrate critical thinking ability
  • Spirit of Intrepreneurship
  • Peer Learning and Networking opportunities
  • Career Management Services

Programme Competency Goals

Competence Goal 1

Contemporary managerial problem-solving acumen.
Participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
Programme Objectives (PO 1a – 1c)
The participants should be able to:
PO1a: Analytically examine the Managerial Problem using their domain knowledge
PO1b: Develop critical thinking abilities to understand, analyze and communicate innovative alternatives for decision making
PO1c: Anticipate and adapt to disruptions catalyzed by emerging technologies

Competence Goal 2

Leading business operations across economies
Participants will be able to demonstrate competencies for leading businesses in the global contexts.
Programme Objectives (PO2a – 2b)
The participants should be able to:
PO2a: Integrate tools and concepts from functional areas to analyse information, evaluate risks and alternatives, and leverage technology to lead global business operations.
PO2b: Communicate impactfully in a local /multi-cultural/global environment.

Competence Goal 3

Awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in business and society
Participants will demonstrate awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in a changing GLOCAL order
Programme Objectives (PO3a –3b)
The participants should be able to:
PO3a: Recognize ethical issues in different global business contexts
PO3b: Demonstrate awareness about the sustainability challenges in decision making