Message from Chairman

Greetings from Alumni and International Relations Committee!

The last one year has been really challenging for all as we make efforts to get used to ‘new normal’. We sincerely hope that all our esteemed external collaborators and our alumni community have been able to successfully overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. We wish good health for all our stakeholders and their near and dear ones.
Alumni and External Relations Committee at IIM Shillong constantly endeavors to reach out to its alumni and partner institutions across the globe. IIM Shillong has moved to its new lush green campus surrounded by woods of pine trees. We invite our alumni and partners to visit the new campus as IIM Shillong embarks on a new journey while keeping the inherent core values intact.

We always believe in nurturing symbiotic relationship with our stakeholders. Our alumni base has crossed 1571 in 2021 and we as an institution are really proud of our alumni who have been our brand ambassadors. Many of our alumni have assumed strategic and leadership positions in various organizations in several sectors which has catapulted IIM Shillong to newer heights. The synergy of our relationship has been mutually beneficial. IIM Shillong has been making steady progress in its pursuit to become a world class institution. Recent NIRF 2021 report ranks IIM Shillong at 23rd position in the country, a significant improvement in its ranking which all stakeholders are proud of.
On the External Relations front, the Institute has been making renewed efforts to forge symbiotic relationship with reputed management institutes across the globe. Such relationship will be of enormous benefits to the students and the alumni of the institute. Joint study and collaborative programmes along with student and faculty exchanges have been the focus area of the committee.

We strongly believe that the collaborative efforts of the Institute along with the support and well wishes of its alumni and partner institutes will definite help IIM Shillong in its journey to emerge as a world class management institution.

Let’s keep nurturing the pine connect!

Warm Regards,
Dr. Parijat Upadhyay

International Exchange Program Brochure


With the aim to foster meaningful collaborations, IIM Shillong has directed itself towards providing an enabling environment to its participants through constant engaging with institutions across the world. The success story lies in its partnership with institutions such as

  • IESEG School of Management, Lille and Paris, France
  • FPT University, Vietnam
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany
  • Lyon International Business School (LIBS), France
  • Ming Chuan University of Taiwan, Taiwan
  • Newcastle Australia Institute of Higher Education, Singapore
  • Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan
  • University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Woosong University, South Korea
  • Insper-Instituto De Ensino E Pesquisa, Brazil
  • University of California, Riverside
  • EADA Business School,Barcelona, Spain
  • ALBA Graduate Business School, Athens
  • German Research Center for Comparative Vocational Education and Training (GREAT), University of Cologne, Germany
  • Pace University, USA
  • Clark University, USA

A significant aspect of international collaboration of IIM Shillong has also been to deliver trainings in Corporate leadership skills to International students. With this aim in view we have trained a group of students from Myanmar of Mandalay University. PGPEx participants have also attended the faculty lectures at foreign campus like Fudan University, China; Ocean University of China, China and they widen their personal and intellectual horizons to be more confident in leading businesses in the global context.

Area of Cooperation

  • Student Exchange: Our students gain international exposure through exchange programs at partnering institutions across the globe
  • Scholars Exchange: Our research scholars can participate for course work at one of the partnering institutions
  • Faculty Exchange: Our faculty members get an opportunity to spend a term at partnering institute and in turn the faculty from partner institute can visit IIM Shillong; under international partnerships
  • Joint Research, Conference and Seminars etc.: IIM Shillong encourages joint research to yield new knowledge and facilitating best practices in academics and research
  • Exchange of information and academic materials
  • Other feasible and relevant educational activities

Partner Network


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External Relation Office

Prof. Parijat Upadhyay

Chair (External Relations)
Email ID: chair.er@iimshillong.ac.in
Tel: 0364 2308036

Ms. Ibanri Lyngdoh

Office (External Relations)
Email ID: er.office@iimshillong.ac.in
Tel: 0364 2308063

Correspondence Address:

Indian Institute of Management Shillong
Umsawli, Shillong – 793018,
Meghalaya, India
Tel: 0364 2308036/2308063


How can I apply for Student Exchange Programme?

We announce information regarding the exchange program on the Institute website and also to staff of the partner universities three months in advance.

Is there any GPA requirement?


When is the registration period?

International students register their classes around June for Term IV or September for Term V. We have an orientation and give an explanation on the classes and registration procedures.

Are classes held in English?

Yes only in English

What is the duration of the exchange program?

Term IV – 21st June – 11th September 2021

Term V – 13th September – 11th December 2021

How many credits can I gain?

Term IV – 19.50

Term V – 21.50

Are all credits that I complete at IIM Shillong transferable back to my home university?


Are there any scholarships that exchange students can apply for?


What kind of building is IIM Shillong International Residences?

We are providing a hostel at par with our PGP students

Can I benefit from student discounts as an exchange student?

No. We do not issue a certificate of student discount.

Can I apply to the IIM Shillong Student Exchange Programs if my university has not concluded a Student Exchange Agreement with IIM Shillong?

No, you cannot enter into our Student Exchange Programs if your home university has not concluded a Student Exchange Agreement with IIM Shillong. Also, we cannot consider proposals for Student Exchange Agreements from students, but only from the Student Exchange or International Students Office at foreign universities.

Can I extend the exchange period after I come to India?

You cannot extend the period of your study in principle after you arrive at India. If you would like to extend the exchange period after you arrive at India, please ask you HOME University to send an e-mail with the accountable reason of your extension to Student Exchange Division at IIM Shillong. However, even if we receive an e-mail as such, we do not always allow the extension. Also, you cannot extend the period of stay on our campus in principle.

I would like to know about IIM Shillong academic calendar.

Please visit this link for academic calendar https://www.iimshillong.ac.in/overview-page/

Should I prepare a bedding set by myself?

No. IIM Shillong will be providing the bedding set

Will I need to open a bank account in India?

You will need to open a bank account to your rent for your room in the IIM Shillong. Also, we have an orientation for opening a bank account after you arrive at India.

May I smoke in dormitory rooms?

No. We don’t allow smoking inside the campus.

Can I join Student clubs?


Do you provide homestay services?

No. We do not offer any homestay services.

How can I get to the dormitory from airport?

IIM Shillong will arrange the pick-up and drop from and to the airport for the participants. All travel arrangements and costs will be incurred by the participants to reach in connection with transportation to/from their respective country.

How much is the monthly fee for a room in the hostel?

Room rate is Rs. 1500/- per month

Can I choose which room to live in?

No. We will assign you a room.

What kind of furnishings are in the dormitory room?

Each room comes furnished with a single bed, desk and chair.

Is there an active internet connection in each room?

Yes, each room has an active internet connection for free. You must supply your own computer and ethernet cable to use the connection. Also, there is Wifi connection in each room.

Is there a telephone in each room?


Can my friends or family visit my room?

No. You can only invite visitors to the common area in your hostel.

Is there a cafeteria or food store in the hostel?


Are students allowed to work part-time?


Do I need a student visa?

Yes. Each individual participant will be responsible for obtaining his or her own visa and completing the required immigration procedure needed to join the program.

What document should I bring with me?

Please bring all the document that is required for your visa and that is required by the immigration

Can exchange students reside outside the campus?


Medical and Travel Insurance

International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in IIM Shillong.