Why IIM Shillong?

Pursue your passion for knowledge and impact the world of business with the lens of contextual knowledge, business ethics and sustainable solutions for a dynamic world. The program is immersive, rigorous and interdisciplinary. Field work with a deep industry connect forms an integral part of study. Commence on your dissertation in year three and get ready to lead as a thought leader and knowledge maker.

Competence Goals and Program Objectives

Competency Goal 1

Contemporary managerial problem-solving acumen

Programme Objectives

The scholars should be able to:

PO1a:  Analytically examine the Managerial Problem using their domain knowledge

PO1b: Develop critical thinking abilities to understand, analyze and communicate innovative alternatives for decision making

PO1c: Anticipate and adapt to disruptions catalyzed by emerging technologies

Competency Goal 2

Competency to carry out systematic academic research

Programme Objectives

The scholars should be able to:

PO2a: Develop critical thinking abilities to understand and analyse the research problems using relevant tools and techniques

PO2b: Formulate researchable problems across different management domain

PO2c:  Apply quantitative and qualitative methods of research

PO2d: Demonstrate the ability to make original and significant intellectual contributions to the scientific knowledge base in their area of research

Competency Goal 3

Awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in business and society

Programme Objectives

The scholars should be able to:

PO3a:  Recognize ethical issues in different global business contexts

PO3b:  Demonstrate awareness about the sustainability challenges in decision making

Competency Goal 4

Demonstrate ability to teach students in academic settings

Programme Objectives

The scholars should be able to:

PO4a: Demonstrate professional and academic writing

PO4b: Demonstrate skills required for teaching management