At the heart of IIM Shillong is a global, inclusive, innovative spirit that accelerates action and impact. Our dynamic community of knowledge seekers are experimenting with new ideas, innovating solutions, pioneering sustainable practices, nurturing personal growth, impacting the local community and transforming management to reinvent tomorrow.



To become an internationally recognized management Institute with a global outlook grounded in Indian values.



To generate and disseminate knowledge in all aspects of management education for sustainable development and to develop innovative leaders with strong ethical values.

Core Values


● Openness to new ideas and experiences

● Intellectual freedom

● Self-experimentation and creative pursuit

● Adherence to fair, just and ethical practices

● Compassion for others

Diverse talents
One defining journey

Diverse. Inclusive. Open. Welcoming. These words define the IIM Shillong experience for you. Meet your peers from diverse fields, passions and aspirations to connect, inspire and build on each other’s strengths. Discover a community that will be yours for life.


IIM Shillong grooms ethical and responsible leaders with a focus on sustainable business models. Our close-knit community is driven by intellectual freedom and it shapes our academic and professional growth. Contextual intelligence in addition to cutting -edge functional knowledge and human skills across teaching, research and consulting/advisory services build our firm foundation.


At IIM Shillong, complex challenges find creative solutions that transform the world. While, climate change, sustainable development and indigenous concepts are the key turnaround moments in practice, management theory requires an impetus for innovation. As an innovative culture that challenges learners to think beyond the norm, we continue to build on the deep reservoirs of knowledge in sustainability that indigenous communities have to offer.

Stand out

IIM Shillong stands out for its rootedness, commitment and community connection that is reflected in our logo. As knowledge seekers, we believe in learning from communities, assimilating that in our domain knowledge to develop sustainable strategies for the world of business and communities. Rooted in this synergy between self, community, business and world, in the sprawling environs of a lush green campus at Umsawli, literally, a ‘ Campus in the clouds’, our dreamers and visionaries stay rooted while turning their ideas into real impact.