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About IIM Shillong Foundation for Incubation and Enterprises

The IIM Shillong Foundation for Incubation and Enterprises (IIMSFIE) is a Sec-8 company.
IIMSFIE is a specialized facility or center designed to support and cultivate early-stage businesses and startups, predominantly but not exclusively in the northeast. IIMSFIE aspires to play a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation by offering a variety of resources, guidance, and services to help enterprises flourish.

  • Prof. D.P Goyal, Director, IIMSFIE
  • Prof. Rohit Joshi, Director, IIMSFIE
IIM Shillong Foundation for Incubation and Enterprises Brochure
Details of Start ups Mentored by IIMSFIE
Sl No. Name of Incubatees Names of Startup Description of Startup
1 Sanyaya Khyriem Sani Glam Makes skin care products  with organic ingredients.
2 Babatdor Dkhar Ka Ktien Media Publishes articles, videos, interviews, documentaries, podcast and also deals in investigative journalism.
3 Olenka Dilip & Krishnazina Thakur Juhaal Delivers traditional food from Assam through online platform.
4 Ms. Alethea O’ Neal Kynta and Ms. Manhakani Slong Everything Shillong Provides online niche services for tourists and locals.
5 Jigyan Deep Kalita N HOMES Managed home rental marketplace. Solution for unorganized rental housing market. Deals in unfurnished, semi-furnished, fully furnished and on demand movers and packers services.
6 Darrell Kharsyntien The Student Foster Foundation Compiles unused papers into notebooks for under privileged students.
7 Keliihol Tase Rhododendron Park Cultivates and Conserve orchids and  flowers with commercial prospects.

Existing incubatee: Ms. Jenpui Golmei, Golmei Café  Deals with Café and Confectionaries

What We Offer
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  1. Co-working space: Co-Working space for incubates
  2. Mentorship and training: Domain experts and industry leaders on board
  3. Consultancy: Business Development and Promotions
  4. Funding Assistance: Platform for various funding
  5. Networking: Develop partnership with stakeholders.
  6. Branding: Image Building and Positioning
  7. Functional Assistance: One stop Centre for compliances and legal needs
Advisory Committee Members
1 Chairperson Prof. D. P. Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong
2 Member Prof. Nalini Prava Tripathy, Faculty, IIM Shillong
3 Member Prof. Pradip H Sadarangani, Faculty, IIM Shillong
4 Member Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty, Faculty, IIM Shillong
5 Member Prof. Achinta Kr Samrah,Faculty, IIM Shillong
6 External Member To be nominated
7 External Member To be nominated
8 External Member To be nominated
9 Member Secretary Dr. Sanjeev K. Ningombam, Centre Head
  • Bootcamp for Aspiring Entrepreneurs of NER
  • Impact Lecture and Experience Sharing on Innovation, Communities and Decentralized Future at NEHU in collaboration with IIM Shillong Report