Expand the frontiers of knowledge

The Doctoral program for Working Professionals PhD(WP) at IIM Shillong is a unique doctoral level program in management for working professionals in order to meet the requirements of the employer organization.

The goal of the program is to prepare enthusiastic executives and teaching professionals who contribute to the field of training, management research and consulting practice, launch an academic career and help to strike a balance between the theory and practice of management.

 The PhD(WP) program endeavours to co-create knowledge in all aspects of Management Education for sustainable development and to develop independent researchers with strong ethical values. The program is committed to inculcate in individuals the necessary knowledge and skills to co-create original cross functional interdisciplinary knowledge and contribute towards creating high quality research. The program will enhance the working professionals’ and teaching professional’ domain knowledge.

We encourage experienced professional with a blend of corporate experience, intellectual curiosity, and research aspirations. Whether you aim to establish an academic or research career to elevate your role to strategic / consulting level on both – the program offers you the platform to learn academic and unleash your potential for knowledge creation.

Program Vision

The PhD(WP) Program at IIM Shillong offers intellectually curious working professionals an opportunity to gain advanced research skills to complement their practical knowledge. The program enables professionals to acquire interdisciplinary research expertise on a part-time basis over a period of three to four years. The program will equip professionals to produce high-quality research output of international standards through specialized research training and global collaborations. ; and empowers them to offer practical and sustainable solutions facing businesses and managers. This program will facilitate professionals to pursue varied career avenues such as academia, management consultancy, training, coaching, and research.


Competency to search for explanation and potential solutions for operational and strategic level management
Competency to effectively document the problem and the proposed solution for knowledge creation and transfer
Competency to systematically communicate one's ideas/knowledge in chosen domain


Inputs for domain knowledge
Understand knowledge creation process
Critically examine existing body of knowledge
Formulate research questions to aid knowledge generation facilitation by gaps in existing body of knowledge
To devise/design a strategy to extract the potential solution and possible generalization extension
To implement the strategy towards attaining solution for the identified research question
To document the problem, process and solution
To solicit feedback through scholarly publication and get recognized


• Economics and Public Policy
• Finance and Control
• Information Systems & Analytics
• Marketing
• Operations and Quantitative Techniques
• Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
• Strategic Management
• Sustainability and Liberal Studies

Competence Goals and Program Objectives

Competency Goal 1

Contemporary managerial problem-solving acumen.
Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
Programme Objectives:
The students should be able to:
PO 1a: Analytically examine the Managerial Problem using their domain knowledge.
PO 1b: Develop critical thinking abilities to understand, analyze and communicate innovative alternatives for decision making.
PO 1c: Anticipate and adapt to disruptions catalyzed by emerging technologies.

Competency Goal 2

Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.
Students will be able to demonstrate ability to lead themselves and others for business decision making.
Programme Objectives:
The students should be able to:
PO 2a: Contribute individually and as a team player.
PO 2b: Communicate impactfully in a local / multi-cultural / global environment.

Competency Goal 3

Awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in business and society.
Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in a changing GLOCAL order.
Programme Objectives:
The students should be able to:
PO 3a: Recognize ethical issues in different global business contexts.
PO 3b: Demonstrate awareness about the sustainability challenges in decision making.

Competency Goal 4

Demonstrate ability to teach students in academic settings.
Our scholars will be able to demonstrate the necessary teaching skills and ability to engage in research-oriented careers
Programme Objectives:
The scholars should be able to:
PO4a: Demonstrate professional and academic writing.
PO4b: Demonstrate skills required for teaching management.