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Post Graduate Program for Working Executives
Degree: MBA | Duration: 2 years | Live Classes over Electronic Mode

MBA WE is designed for professionals who aspire for greater roles in their organisations. This general management program is beneficial to professionals in business and industry, not-for-profit organizations, government and policy, research, and academics.

It is designed for professionals who wish to revisit an academic environment without taking a career break and aspire for greater roles in their organizations with an ambition to advance their management competencies.

MBAWE program enrolls experienced professionals who have a proven track record and demonstrated leadership potential. The participants are already deeply engaged in their careers and the payoff from the classroom learnings — is immediate and compelling.

Live Online classes provide an interactive learning experience with scheduled synchronous online sessions held mostly over the weekends. The students shall be able to put classroom knowledge into practice and add value to your company immediately. By integrating industry experience with academic discussions, the students develop critical thinking abilities to solve managerial problems in dynamic environments. As leadership and strategic thinking become ever more critical to success in every type of enterprise, the value of earning an Executive MBA continues to grow.

The program is a niche program and is envisioned differently from other MBA programs
  • MBAWE students continue to work while they study; the application of classroom learning is instantaneous.
  • MBAWE classes are generally full-day, held on weekends, or on pre-selected evening hours during the week – thus requiring time away from work.

  • While MBAWE program employs technology to enhance learning, we stress in-person participation in classroom discussions, considered critical to the learning experience.

  • MBAWE students experience in-campus immersion.

  • MBAWE program, being a two-year master degree program, allows the students to pursue higher studies like PhD after successful completion.


  • Contemporary curriculum with emerging insights
  • Build on your existing professional expertise through case studies, industry talks and business simulations.
  • Enrich your professional network with diverse peer group and alumni network
  • Peer Learning through interactions with like-minded peers with a diverse set of skills and expertise.
  • Develop management competencies and demonstrate critical thinking ability


  • Functional Management Knowledge
  • Develop critical thinking abilities to understand, analyze and communicate innovative alternatives for decision making.
  • Ability to anticipate and adapt to disruptions catalyzed by emerging technologies.
  • Awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in a changing GLOCAL order
  • Skills and attitudes to lead and impact

Competence Goals and Objectives of the Program

Competency Goal 1

Contemporary managerial problem-solving acumen.
Our students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of management theories and practices tosolve business problems

Program Objectives (PO 1a – 1b)
PO1a: The participants should able to analytically examine the Managerial Problem
using their domain knowledge
PO1b: The participants should develop critical thinking abilities to understand, analyse
and communicate innovative alternatives for decision making.
PO1c: The participants should able to anticipate and adapt to disruptions catalysed by
emerging technologies

Competency Goal 2

Inculcating a professional approach towards managing business functions and organizations.
Participants should be able to demonstrate competencies for managing their present jobs and organizations with improved performance outcomes by deploying the learnings of fundamentals in management knowledge.

Program Objectives (PO2a – 2b)
PO2a: The participants should be equipped with the requisite knowledge to efficiently manage their present jobs and business operations
PO2b: The participants should demonstrate ability to make business decision through effective team work

Competency Goal 3

Awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in business and society.
Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical and sustainability challenges in a changing GLOCAL order.

Program Objectives (PO3a – 3b)
PO3a: The participants should able to recognize ethical issues in different global business contexts
PO3b: The participants should have awareness about the sustainability challenges in decision making.

Wisdom Speaks

Dheeraj Pran Hazarika, MBAWE 2020

“ My core reason to do the MBAWE program from IIM Shillong was to change my thought process and to change the way I understand businesses. This program has provided a strong foundation to strengthen my concepts & skills. I see this programme as a long-term investment for my career.”

Akshay Pratap Singh, MBAWE 2021

The unique and distinct learning proposition at IIM Shillong through group discourse delivering both theoretical concept clarity and application-oriented approach has aided me in better understanding management ideas. We were able to learn through highly interactive and interesting lectures from in-house teachers and external lecturers with both industrial and academic expertise.

Mukesh Sharma, MBAWE 2022

There is a great mix of professors and speakers, all are distinguished in their fields of expertise and bring a high level of knowledge to the program. The curriculum is well balanced with team projects and case studies, which quickly help you fine tune and grow specific skills that can be re-applied to your current career. After almost fifteen years of roles with increasing technical responsibility and several years of experience, I felt the time was right to take my education to the next level, and the IIM Shillong’s MBA program was exactly what I was looking for.

Kumarika Gohain, MBAWE22

I am elated to be able to share my learning experience at IIM Shillong. They are  leaving no stones unturned to make us the best management professionals in the country. I’ve been a fan of the diverse subjects offered by management at the MBAWE programme ever since we started at IIM Shillong. We’ve already begun to adjust to the online learning environment. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” and IIM Shillong is unstoppable in providing the best education through an online platform. I’m glad I made it here, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this MBAWE programme, which has already proven to be a success.