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Centre for Community Impact and Engagement for NE

The Centre for Community Impact and Engagement for NE (NE-CCIE), formerly known as CeDNER, is a proactive and forward-thinking hub of the Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIMS). The center aspires to become a hub for championing initiatives directed toward the pressing economic and social issues faced by North-East India, especially at the grassroots level. While the past decade has seen growth in the NE region, the center pivots towards an evidence-based approach to enabling positive change for a greater social impact.

We envision a thriving, sustainable business ecosystem in North-East India, fostered by skills, collaboration, and an actively involved society. Actionable-based insights, a solution-driven outlook, and empowering indigenous communities for an inclusive future are crucial to spearheading impactful transformations.

With a strong commitment to insights and engagement, the centre brings together diverse participants, including academia, industry, the public sector, civil society, and an indigenous knowledge system’s perspective to drive meaningful changes for NE India.


NE-CCIE contributes to IIM Shillong’s mission by focusing on evidence-based insights, collaborative grassroots initiatives, societal impact, and engagement with indigenous communities for a sustainable and inclusive future for North-East India.

  • Embracing and championing novel ideas
  • Safeguarding, preserving, and advancing of indigenous people’s knowledge systems
  • Pursuing nature-positive solutions

NE-CCIE’s guiding principles are the soul of our efforts to drive change in the North East

  • Meaningful Collaborations: We foster collaborations between various stakeholders, including governments, educational institutions, businesses, and society, and engage actively with the problems we pursue to solve.
  • Empowering Stakeholders: We seek to encourage actionable insights, champion ideas, and build capacities alongside stakeholders for a transformative change.
  • Engage Indigenous Communities: We seek to include important voices and perspectives from Indigenous people’s communities that have deep-rooted ancestral and cultural knowledge for nature-positive solutions.
  • Evidence-Based Insights: Building and encouraging an evidence-based approach by working with a range of partners and institutions to address the grassroots-level challenges of the region, ensuring quality and relevance for impactful change.
  • Community Engagement: We envisage the role of a catalyst working closely with the local communities to understand their challenges and aspirations and create avenues to ignite change.
  • Knowledge Exchange: We support innovative training and experiential learning modules based on evidence to support local stakeholders to drive positive change.
  • Supporting Grassroots Innovation: Innovation at the grassroots is an essential driver of societal wealth and economic growth. We strive to support some of the challenges by promoting the assimilation of local knowledge and user experiences that stimulate co-production and co-design solutions and healthy business ecosystems.