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The Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CeDNER) formerly known as The Accelerated Learning Centre (ALC), of the Indian Institute of Management Shillong has been constituted right from the inception of the Institute and is involved in organizing both short term and long term programmes relevant to the local community and society of the state and the region .The members of the local community who may otherwise have limited opportunities for getting the latest exposure to training for skill development is provided with such opportunities by the Institute. The objective of the Institute is to respond to the local needs and make the facilities of the Institute available for the training of the local talented youths of the region. The Centre offers a unique opportunity for the young entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, business executives and officers of the region to avail of the opportunities of training in skill development in various phases of their business and entrepreneurial activity. The Centre has already offered a series of such practice oriented management courses.


The main objective of the course is to train the participants to develop business ideas and projects which can not only be sustainable but also relevant to the society. The Centre also aims to develop a deep insight among the participants and develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the complex set of interrelated economic, social and environmental issues by bringing out the local and hidden talents, skills and capabilities among the youth.

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Focus Area

Training for building sustainable businesses in the local community. Courses at the Centre are specially designed to train the local youth so that they are able to avail the opportunities of the emerging business both for the development of the self as well as the society and economy in tune with the emerging market scenario. The expertise at IIM, Shillong with its focal emphasis on sustainable business, attempts to fulfill its social responsibility and imparts training through an innovative pedagogy of lectures, case studies, e-books and e-journals etc.

Trainings are basically focused on the following domains namely,

  • General Management Program
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Scenario Building: Strategizing for the North East
  • Innovative financial mechanism in the North Eastern states in the context of managing urban infrastructure, transport and tourism.
  • Project Management Training for Engineers involved in Project Implementation, Maintenance in the North East.
  • Entrepreneurship Orientation and Business Management
  • North East Tourism Connectivity
  • Doing Business in North East
  • Modernization of Educations
  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Judicial Administration for the judges of the Guwahati High Court
  • Health and Hospital Management Program
  • Management Program for Local Entrepreneurs and Promoters of Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Sustainable Enterprise and Retail Management (SERM)
  • Retail Management
  • Challenges in the Field of Higher Education
  • Itinerary for the NGO Meet on Community Development Program

CeDNER by offering a broad diversity of programmes in varied disciplines of business management skills has helped participants to expand and extend their business operations and stimulate their business through management skills. IIMS through CeDNER has successfully created a highly stimulating environment for the business community of the North Eastern Region and proposes to continue with the endeavor in the coming years by regularly organizing more such courses.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes conducted by CeDNER, IIM, Shillong helped the budding Entrepreneurs in getting a roadmap for their ideas, which increases their self-motivation, working with a vision, passion and dedication, enable to take risks, develops leadership qualities, gathering managerial skills, customer-centric mindset with a competitive attitude.

Livelihood Promotion

CeDNER intends to promote the Livelihood Promotion activities in the North East with keeping in mind the following core values:

  • Reduction in vulnerability and enhancement of Livelihood by attractive and expanding the existing livelihood options available and creating new prospects in the Farming and Non-Farming Sectors.
  • Skill Development of Local Youths attracting the employment market outside.
  • Knowledge about self-employment and entrepreneurship for the new entrepreneurs.
Rural Development

CeDNER through its network of associations with renowned Organisations plans to help families who are living Below the Poverty Line so as to enhance their standard of living empowering them for their all round development. Targeted groups include the:

  • Rural Artisans.
  • Young Entrepreneurs in the Rural Areas.
  • Marginal Farmers.
  • Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes.