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IIM Shillong-INDAM 2024 Doctoral and Early Career Researcher’s Colloquium

Theme: Emerging Paradigm in Management Research
(July 9-11, 2024)

General Information

Management research is a broad and dynamic field that encompasses the study of various aspects of management to achieve organizational goals. Scholars and researchers in management explore a wide range of topics applying various methodologies to understand and improve the functioning of the organizations. Based on the level of analysis and focus management research can be categorized into three broad areas covering macro, meso and micro perspectives. Macro-level research delves into the expansive landscape of organizational and environmental factors, such as national economic policies and global market trends. Meso-level investigations focus on organizational structures, cultures, and inter-organizational relationships, exploring how these intermediate elements shape overall performance. At the micro level, researchers scrutinize individual and small group behavior within organizations, examining aspects like leadership styles and team dynamics.

This three-tiered framework facilitates a comprehensive understanding of management phenomena, encompassing the influences of societal forces, organizational structures, and individual or group dynamics. Interactions and dynamics between these levels are also recognized as important, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to management research. It can help researchers and practitioners address different aspects of management at varying scales and also facilitate the integration of insights from various levels to inform strategic decision-making and organizational development.

The colloquium for doctoral and early career researchers is designed to spotlight the dynamic trends in macro, meso, and micro areas of management research. It endeavors to provide a platform for discussions encompassing a wide range of topics, not confined to any specific boundaries. The aim is to foster exploration and dialogue on emerging themes within the field, encouraging participants to delve into the broader landscape of management research. The colloquium welcomes contributions that span over any of the macro, meso or micro perspectives, or their interplay. This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of the diverse and evolving facets of management research.

This colloquium is different from regular conference tracks where scholars present results from a focused research work that forms part of their doctoral work. Here, we aim to encourage scholars to bring a bigger perspective of their doctoral research, i.e., the importance of their research problem to the community at large, and the contribution of their work to the research community per se. Doctoral Scholars can present their ongoing or planned research for discussion and receive detailed and constructive feedback on their research from the panel of distinguished research mentors. The colloquium also encourages scholars to present their open challenges to get helpful feedback and fresh perspectives from the expert panels and their peers.

Although the colloquium is aimed at scholars at the mid-stage or final stage of research to present their work, we strongly encourage early research scholars to participate in order to get a fresh perspective on the doctoral research path.

Early career faculty members from all areas of management who want to pursue PhD in future are also welcome.

Format of the Colloquium

This doctoral colloquium is tailored to provide participants with invaluable insights and practical skills to navigate the intricate journey of conducting research and successfully publishing their work. The workshop on research methodology will empower participants with the essential tools, insights, and methodologies crucial for conducting rigorous and impactful research across diverse academic domains. The doctoral colloquium will have parallel round table discussion sessions led by expert eminent panellists where participants will engage in in-depth discussions with seasoned experts, receiving valuable insights and feedback on their research. The colloquium will offer several value propositions for participants like in depth feedback and guidance, networking opportunities, exposure to interdisciplinary perspectives and cutting edge research, enhanced presentation skills, community building and publication opportunities.

Event schedule (9-11th July, 2024)

Workshop on Research and Publication Process

Eminent experts will address the doctoral students and early career faculty members on the research and publication process.

Workshop on Research Methodology

The workshop of research methodology will be a comprehensive and interactive program designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge in the field of research and have a deeper understanding of the various research methodologies. The workshop will cover a range of topics like research design, quantitative, qualitative and mixed method research, research ethics and integrity, research communication so that participants to refine their research acumen and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields.

Round-table sessions

Participants will be grouped into coherent clusters as per the topics of their research. In parallel round table sessions, each cluster will be guided by a group of established Management scholars.


Indian Academy of Management (INDAM) is an affiliate of the Academy of Management, USA, the premier management research and education body of management researchers and educators in the world. INDAM was established in 2007 with the primary objectives of: spearheading the creation and dissemination of knowledge on Indian businesses, organizations, and other institutions both within and outside India; influencing business and management policy and education; and to act as a resource to develop the next generation of researchers and educators in India.

Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIM Shillong) was established in 2007 with the vision  to become an internationally recognized management Institute with a global outlook grounded in Indian values, and started its first academic program in 2008. The mission of the Institute is to generate and disseminate knowledge in all aspects of management education for sustainable development and to develop innovative leaders with strong ethical values.

To become INDAM member click on the following link Membership – Indian Academy of Management (indam.in). INDAM members will get 20% discount on registration fees.


Indian Institute of Management Shillong


IIM Shillong is collaborating with INDAM, both having the common objective of creation and dissemination of knowledge, to organize the said Doctoral and Early Career Researcher’s Colloquium. This colloquium is ideally suited for doctoral scholars who are actively working on shaping their research agendas. Applications should be submitted via the submission link and should include:

  • A letter stating your stage in the PhD program and research interests.
  • An extended abstract of a research project (approx. 2000 words).
  • Please include the title, author information, abstract, keywords, and research summary. Diagrams, tables, and references should be provided at the end of the document. The abstract should succinctly cover the research question, theoretical background, the proposed research design, and intended contribution.

Eligibility for Participation

  • PhD students (III years or later): Students in their mid-stage or final stage of research (those who have completed 2 years of research) can submit their proposals.
  • PhD students (I year or II year): Students in their early stage are encouraged to register for participation in the colloquium as this is expected to help them understand the expectations from doctoral research.
  • Early-career faculty members with a desire to pursue a Ph.D. in the future. The colloquium is expected to broaden their understanding about undertaking doctoral research.

Registration Fee*

  • Research Scholar/Young Faculty  (paper submissions):- Rs 3000/-
  • Attendees:- Rs 2500/-
  • International Participants:- Research Scholar/Young Faculty (paper submissions): USD 75
  • International Participants :- Attendees : USD 50
  • International Participants (SAARC countries):- Research Scholar/Young Faculty (paper submissions): Rs 3000/-
  • International Participants (SAARC countries):- Attendees : Rs 2500/-

(* plus applicable GST)

Important Dates

Proposal submission opens March 15, 2024
Proposal submission deadline May 31, 2024
Proposal acceptance notification June 5, 2024
Registration of Presenters June 10, 2024
Doctoral Colloquium July 9-11, 2024

Proposal Selection and Presentation

Selected proposals will be invited for an oral presentation during the Colloquium. This will be evaluated by an expert panel.

Submission Link

Colloquium Brochure


The best proposals will be awarded based on the proposal write-up and the final presentation.

Organizing Committee

Chief Patron

Prof. D.P. Goyal, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

Committee Members

Prof Mousumi Bhattacharya

Prof Basav Roychoudhury

Prof Parijat Upadhyay

Prof Abhishek Vashishth

Dr. Sanjeev k Ningombam

Student Committee

Varun D Raj

Muhammad Vasil


Contact Us

Colloquium Email: colloquium@iimshillong.ac.in
Phone no. : 0364-2308057/ 0364-2308000