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Management Development Programs 2023- 2024

The Institute has given a special focus on Management Development Programs (MDPs) and continuous learning since its inception. Over the years the Institute has positioned itself as an interface between the academia and industry through programs it organises for different stakeholders across the nation.

The objective of the MDP programs is to specially design and deliver both long and short-duration quality programs for the working executives of public and private sector, in order to equip them with the advanced knowledge and skills in the evolving realities of business and management practices and applications; and also in facilitating their personal contribution to the future success of their organizations.

These MDPs furnish the executives a chance to refresh and rejuvenate their knowledge and to reacquaint themselves with present-day thinking and to gain insights and self-enrichment. The participants get chance to familiarize themselves with the latest tools, techniques and skills spanning different streams of management such as General Management, Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Management and Sustainability.

IIM Shillong conducts short term training programs that ranges from 2 days to 30 days for junior, middle and senior level managers on various topics such as Economics and Public Policy, Finance & Control, Corporate governance, Information Systems, Data Analytics, Digitalization, Marketing, Operations and Quantitative Techniques, Organizational Behaviour Leadership, Strategy and Sustainability. They are divided into two categories of MDPs namely:

Open MDPs, offered by individual / group of Faculty Member(s) where the number of participants shall not be less than 10. 

Open MDPs: Open MDPs are defined as the one where the clients show interest for the MDP as provided by the faculty member as part of the Annual MDP calendar or client has communicated to the MDP office/chairperson their interest for attending the MDP to be organized by the concerned faculty member(s) clearly stating their name(s) in the concerned communication. The participants can also show their interest by registering for the MDP offered by the concerned faculty member through the website link / form (as the case maybe). An Open MDP shall have minimum eight number of participants registered in order to successfully organize such type of MDPs.

Customized MDPs : The Institute accepts requests from organizations for conducting customized training programs for their executives at different levels, and offers unique programs to suit the business and developmental needs of client organizations. Standard modules from regular MDPs are also combined and adapted, wherever necessary, to suit the requirements of client organizations. In customized MDPs, number of participants shall not be less than 12.

These MDPs are defined as the one which are requested by the corporate / Government / educational organizations through MDP committee / office. Usually, companies contact the faculty directly or the Director requesting specific programs to be offered for them. The duration of these programs ranges from two days to six months depending upon the variety, magnitude and complexity of topics covered. The In-company Programs (ICP) are conducted at the Institute as well as in the premises of the client organizations.

General Management Programme (GMP) : The GMPs have three different types of templates viz Silver level, Gold level and Platinum level, catering to the needs of different levels of management namely junior level, middle level and senior level respectively.

These are certificate programs open for working professionals, corporates, people from industry, State and Government sector for a duration of 6 months to 1 year .The online programs are conducted over the weekends to make it convenient for working professionals to attend the sessions and physical programs are conducted in the campus as regular programs.

Advanced General Management: I year online program

The intersection of technology and innovation in the current business environment has created unique opportunities and challenges for managers. Entrepreneurial thinking is required to drive innovation in all functional areas of management. The one-year general management course provides a holistic perspective to working professionals to upskill themselves and to prepare for the ever-changing business environment. The Post Graduate Certification in Advanced General Management will enhance the decision making and leadership skills of the participants.


  • Boost entrepreneurial skills
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Enhance risk assessment and management capabilities
  • Develop skills to undertake digital transformation

The interactive teaching methodology would enable the development of competencies and capabilities that would fast track personal and professional growth.

Human Resource Management: I year Online program

This program in Human Resource Management has been specifically designed to help participants develop technical HR expertise and leverage it through key behavioral competencies.

Upon completion of this program participants are expected to be able to

  • Apply Human Resource Management to support organizational development.
  • Apply appropriate methodologies to employee training and development.
  • Develop and implement a talent acquisition strategy.
  • Enhance employee engagement levels.
  • Map appropriate compensation systems to organizational goals.
  • Develop and determine relevant KPIs
  • Identify key leadership skills for HR Business Partners.
  • Realign HR strategy that helps achieve organizational strategy.

Business Management Program for Defence Officers:  6 months program in Campus

The Indian armed forces constitute one of our most valuable workforces. The uniformed officers, irrespective of their skills and level, contribute their highest level of services to the safety and security of our great nation. The officers/veterans are professional, disciplined, and enthusiastic leaders. Today’s business organizations are under constant pressure due to the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) landscape continuously reshaped by digital transformation. The ability of officers/veterans to navigate through the VUCA landscape with maturity and calmness and bring the best solutions, their creative and logical thinking, meticulous planning, and dynamic decision-making are the most sought-after skillsets by corporates. The experience the officers/veterans possess is sufficient to obtain business organization opportunities, but a formal certificate course in business management will be an added advantage.

The business management course has been developed to provide a challenging learning experience that focuses on real-world problems, and solutions. It offers new information and tools to address corporate challenges. The program will concentrate on all functional aspects of management, including general management, the economics of business, organizational behavior and human capital management, marketing management, financial management and accounting, operations management, strategic management, design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This program serves as a platform for our veterans to reorient themselves to their new professional roles in the business world. Not just that, this course will also help aspiring entrepreneurs understand how to manage their own businesses.