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Strategy and Liberal Studies

Debasisha Mishra

Chairperson- IT Services & Assistant Professor, Ph.D., IIT Kharagpur

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Email : debasisha@iimshillong.ac.in

Office Ph.:  +91 364 2308077

Dr Debasisha Mishra has very high credentials in educational qualification. His academic qualifications are provided below.

  • Ph.D. (Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, 2015.
  • M.Tech. (Industrial & Management Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, 1997.
  • B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela, 1995.

Dr Debasisha Mishra is currently associated with IIM, Shillong in capacity as Assistant Professor in area of Strategic Management and Business planning since five years from July, 2014. He teaches various subjects such as Competitive Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Management Lessons from Indian Mythology and Management Learning from Kautilya Arthsastra etc. Before joining academics, he worked in Information Technology Industry for 12 years in India and USA in responsible positions. His work summary is attached below.

Software Career Highlights

  • From May 2003, to April 2009: IBM Global Services as Technical Manager and Project Leader in Bangalore and USA.
  • May 2003 – Aug 2005: Worked in IBM, Bangalore as Project Leader.
  • Aug 2005 – Dec 2007: Worked in IBM, USA as onsite technical manager.
  • Dec 2007- April 2009: Worked in IBM, Bangalore and project leader.
  • From Jun 2000, to May 2003: Working as an Independent Consultant in USA.
  • Aug 2000 – June 2001: Worked in Visa International, San-Francisco USA.
  • July 2001 – Dec 2002: Worked in JP Morgan Chase Bank, New-York USA.
  • Dec 2002 – May 2003: Worked in Oracle Corporation, San-Francisco USA.
  • From Oct 1998, to Apr 2000: Tata Consulting Services (TCS, India) as Team Lead.
  • From May 1997, to Sep 1998: Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS, India) as Programmer Analyst.

Technical Areas of Work

  • Hardware/Server : IBM ES/9000, S/390, 3090, 370, PC Compatibles, Windows NT
  • Operating Systems : MVS/ESA, OS/390, OS/2, UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows NT/98/95
  • Databases : SAP BW, DB2 6.0/5.0, Oracle 7.3/8i, MS-Access
  • Languages : VS COBOL II, PL/SQL, C, and JAVA
  • Online Systems : CICS
  • GUI Tool : Visual Basic 6.0, HTML

Dr Debasisha Mishra research interest includes topics such as strategic outsourcing, software project management and system dynamics study. Few of his important publications are given below.

Publication Details

Journal Papers Published

  • Saurabh, K., Arora, R., Mishra, D., & Ramkumar, M. (2022). “Why is the interest in blockchain still on the decline? Blockchain challenges, review, and research agenda”, Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems (Accepted).
  • Reddy, R. C., Bhattacharjee, B., Mishra, D., & Mandal, A. (2022), “A systematic literature review towards a conceptual framework for enablers and barriers of an enterprise data science strategy”, Information Systems and e-Business Management, 1-33.
  • Saurabh, K., Arora, R., Rani, N., Mishra, D., & Ramkumar, M. (2021). “AI led ethical digital transformation: framework, research and managerial implications”, Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society.
  • Mishra, Debasisha, and M. Ramkumar. (2021) “Study of project type and team structure in the Indian software outsourcing industry.” OPSEARCH, Vol.59. No.1, pp. 323-349.
  • Mishra, D. (2021), “A study of business knowledge requirements for software projects.”, Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing, Vol.14. No.2, pp. 291-311.
  • Mishra, D., and Mahanty, B. (2014), “The effect of onsite-offshore work division on project cost, schedule, and quality for re-engineering projects in Indian outsourcing software industry.” Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal, Vol. 7 No.3, pp. 198-225.
  • Mishra, D., and Mahanty, B. (2015), “Business Knowledge Requirements and Onsite Offshore Work Division in Indian Software Outsourcing Projects.” Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal, Vol. 8 No.1, pp. 76-101.
  • Mishra, D. and Mahanty, B. (2016), “A Study of Knowledge Flow, Team Productivity and Communication Effort Needs in Indian Outsourcing Software Development Projects”, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Emerald, Vol. 29 No.3, pp. 454 – 478.
  • Mishra, D. and Mahanty, B. (2019), “Study of Maintenance Project Manpower Dynamics in Indian Software Outsourcing Industry”, Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing, Vol. 12 No.1, pp. 62-81.

Dr Debasisha Mishra conducts entrepreneurship programs for youths of north-east India and teaches in management development programs regularly.