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Finance & Control

Neelam Rani

Associate Professor, Ph.D, IIT Delhi

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Email : neelam@iimshillong.ac.in

Office Ph.:  +91 364 2308044

Research Interests/ Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions, Cross-border Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Blockchain Technology & Finance

Teaching Interest / Areas

Financial Management, Fixed Income Securities, Behavioral Finance & Wealth Management

Consultancy Interest / Areas

MSMEs, Impact Assessment

Dr. Neelam Rani is an Associate Professor in the area of Finance. She is a Fulbright Scholar. She holds PhD from the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Governance. She got Fulbright Doctoral and Professional Fellowship at Rutgers Business School, The State University of New Jersey, Newark USA. She has also been an Exchange Scholar under the Bilateral framework at Thammasat University, Thailand.Dr. Rani is recipient of various awards such as NSE prize for Best Thesis in Financial Economics, outstanding paper awards by Amity International Business School, Indian Institute of Capital Markets, IIT Roorkee. She has been awarded 3E Innovative Young Researcher Award. She has been awarded various travel grants. Dr. Rani has co-authored a book on Mergers and Acquisitions published by Springer. Dr. Rani has published research papers in the journals of international repute. Her areas of interest include mergers and acquisitions, cross-border acquisitions, corporate governance, financial markets and corporate finance.

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  • Rani, N. & Kumar, G. (2020). Share Repurchase, Excess Cash Flows, Undervaluation and Earnings per Share (EPS) Motive: Empirical Evidence from Indian Corporates. South Asian Journal of Management, 27(3), 113-130. ABDC-C
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  • Rani, N. and Asija, A. (2017). Has Financial Crisis Effected the Announcement Gains of Indian Cross-Border Acquisitions? IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, 6(1) 1–12. WOS, ABS**


  • Rani, N., Yadav, Surendra S. and Jain, P.K. (2016). Mergers and Acquisitions: A Study of Financial Performance, Motives and Corporate Governance, Springer Verlag.

Book Chapters

  • Rani, N., Yadav, Surendra S. and Jain, P.K. (2018). Do Mergers Destroy Value in India?. Ch. 4 in “Global Value Chains, Flexibility and Sustainability” Connell, et al. (Eds.), 47-61, Springer.