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Information Systems and Analytics

Parijat Upadhyay

Associate Professor

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Email : parijat@iimshillong.ac.in

Office Ph.:  +91 364 2308000

Research Interest / Areas

Information Systems, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking and Systemic Innovation

Teaching Interest / Areas

Information Systems

Dr. Parijat Upadhyay has rich experience of teaching and research in the domain of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. An alumnus of Symbiosis and XLRI Jamshedpur, he was associated with reputed academic institutes like IMT Ghaziabad, IMT Nagpur, Globsyn Business School, International School of Business and Media, B.C. Roy Engineering College and Asansol Girls’ College.He has been taking courses like Management Information Systems, E-Business, Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management. Served as the Faculty-in-Charge for International Accreditation process handling AACSB accreditation process (2018-2020) at IMT Nagpur. Previously handled AACSB accreditation process at IMT Ghaziabad.

Prof Parijat has published 20+ research papers in ABDC listed reputed international journals like International Journal of Information and Management, Technology Forecasting and Social Change, Internet Research, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Management Decision, Benchmarking: An International Journal, International Journal of Educational Management, VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, and others. He has undertaken and successfully completed several projects under industry-academic collaboration with FINO Paytech, Airtel Money and Tantuja. Developed cases for classroom teaching based on field experience and some of them been published by reputed case publishing houses like Ivey, Asian Case Research Journal and Case Centre.

He has been recipient of Best Paper Awards at several international conferences and has also been awarded with Literati Award by Emerald Publishing, UK in 2020. In July 2021, he was awarded the Emeritus Scholar Badge by Emeritus Institute for Highest Achievement in Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking program from Emeritus (A collaborative course offered by MIT, Columbia and Tuck Business School, USA).

Prof. Parijat has served as a resource person at AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Programs on Design Thinking and Operations Management. Also served as a resource person for international collaborative programs with Copenhagen Business School and Ecole Telecom de Management, Paris. He has successfully organized several academic conferences in academic collaboration with University of Texas at El Paso, USA at IMT Ghaziabad and Annual Management Conference and Workshop at IMT Nagpur in 2019 and 2020. In addition to the above, he has been serving as a reviewer of several international Journals (Sage, Emerald, Taylor Francis, IEEE).Served in Technical Committees in International Conferences on Information Systems organized by MDI, Gurgaon (ICISTM-2011), Indian Academy of Management & Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IAM2013) and has been associated with professional and academic bodies like Academy Of Management(AOM),USA, Indian Academy of Management(INDAM) and Association of Supply Chain Professionals in India(ASCP).

Selected Journal Publications

  • Mukhopadhyay, S., & Upadhyay, P. (2022). Institutional intervention in technology innovation: the struggle to increase mobile payment adoption. Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance. (ABDC-B)
  • Upadhyay , P ., Kumar ,A. , Dwivedi,Y.K. , Adlakha, A. (2021). Continual usage intention of platform-based governance services: A study from an emerging economy. Governmenment Information Quarterly; Vol. 39, No.1,, 101651, pp. 1-13. (ABDC-A)
  • Kumar, A., Paul, M., & Upadhyay, P. (2021). From Physical Food Security to Digital Food Security. Delivering value through blockchain. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 33(2), 5. (ABDC-A)
  • Tanusree Chakraborty, Anup Kumar, Parijat Upadhyay and Yogesh K. Dwivedi (2021). Link between social distancing, cognitive dissonance, and social networking site usage intensity: a country-level study during the COVID-19 outbreak . Internet Research. (ABDC A Category)
  • Susmita Chatterjee, Sangita Dutta Gupta & Parijat Upadhyay (2020). Technology adoption and entrepreneurial orientation for rural women: Evidence from India. Technology Forecasting and Social Change, ISSN: 0040-1625. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.techfore.2020.120236 (ABDC A Category)
  • Upadhyay, P.and Khemka, M.(2020). Linkage between social identity creation and social networking site usage: the moderating role of usage intensity. Journal of Enterprise Information Management,  https://doi.org/10.1108/JEIM-01-2019-0021 (ABDC A Category)
  • Paul, M., Upadhyay, P. and Dwivedi, Y.K. (2020).Roadmap to digitalization of an emerging economy: a viewpoint. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, https://doi.org/10.1108/TG-03-2020-0054( In Press, ABDC B Category)
  • Parijat Upadhyay & Anup Kumar (2020). The mediating role of organizational culture between the capability of big data analytics and firm performance. International Journal of Information Management. Volume 52, June 2020, 102100. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2020.102100.ISSN 0268-4012. (ABDC A* Category)
  • Parijat Upadhyay & Amit Kundu (2019). Linkage between business sustainability and tacit knowledge management in MSMEs: A Case Based Study. VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems. ISSN 0305-5728, 50(3), pp. 477-494. https://doi.org/10.1108/VJIKMS-08-2019-0133 (ABDC B Category)
  • Parijat Upadhyay & Manas Paul, (2019). The linkage between knowledge management practices and organization-based projects for better learning outcome: A conceptual framework. International Journal of Educational Management, 33(1), pp.166-178, https://doi.org/10.1108/ IJEM-04-2018-0133(ABDC B Category)
  • T. Chakraborty & Parijat Upadhyay (2018). Managing self towards managing people: role of perceived emotional competencies in healthcare organizations. International Journal of Work Organization and Emotion.ISSN 1740-8946.DOI 10.1504/IJWOE.2018.091333 (ABDC B Category)
  • Susmita Chatterjee, Sangita Dutta Gupta & Parijat Upadhyay (2018). Sustainability of microenterprises: an empirical analysis. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 25(3), pp.919-931, https://doi.org/10.1108/BIJ-07-2017-0185 (ABDC B
  • Susmita Chatterjee, Sangita Dutta Gupta & Parijat Upadhyay (2018). Empowering women and stimulating development at bottom of pyramid through micro-entrepreneurship. Management Decision, 56(1), pp.160-174, https://doi.org/10.1108/MD-04-2017-0296. (ABDC B Category)
  • Upadhyay Parijat & Ghosh Roy G. (2017). Does e-Readiness of citizens ensure better adoption of Government’s digital initiatives? A Case based Study. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 30(1), pp.65-81. ISSN: 1741-0398(ABDC A Category).
  • D. Maitra and Parijat Upadhyay (2017). Fostering Rural Financial Services through Technology: The Case of FINO PayTech. Asian Case Research Journal, June 2017, 21(1): pp. 81-117. Print ISSN: 0218-9275 (A World Scientific Publication, Scopus Indexed)
  • Upadhyay Parijat & Saeed Jahanyan (2016). Analyzing user perspective on the factors affecting use intention of mobile based transfer payment. Internet Research,26(2), pp.38-56. ISSN: 1066-2243. (ABDC A Category)
  • Upadhyay Parijat & Ghosh Roy S. (2016). Impact of exchange rate movement and macro-economic factors on exports of software and services from India. Benchmarking: An International Journal,23(5), 2015. ISSN: 1463-5771, pp 1193-1206. (ABDC B Category)
  • Upadhyay Parijat, Rajni Singh, Saeed Jahanyan & Sreethi Nair (2016). Measuring the effects of role efficacy enhancement on knowledge workers. Evidence from Indian IT industry. Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 65(6). ISSN: 1741-0401 pp 860-872. (ABDC B Category)
  • Parijat Upadhyay, Amit Kundu, Sreethi Nair, (2016). On managing business, organization climate and enterprise system implementation: Insights from Indian MSMEs. Journal of Workplace Learning, 28(8), pp.472-483, Doi: 10.1108/JWL-05-2016-0040. (ABDC C Category)
  • Upadhyay Parijat & Manojit C. (2015). Examining mobile based payment services adoption issues: A new approach using Hierarchical Clustering and Self Organizing Maps. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 28(4), pp 490-507.ISSN: 1741-0398(ABDC A Category).
  • Upadhyay Parijat (2013). Proposing a model to assist Indian Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in their ERP implementation. Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation, 9 (1), pp 91-98 ISSN: 2319-510X (A SAGE Publication)
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  • Upadhyay Parijat, Dan P.K and Bandyopadhyay G. (2010). Proposing an AHP based reference model to assist Indian SMEs in their ERP implementation, International Journal of Value Chain Management. Vol.5, No.2/ 2011, page 106-118. ISSN (Online): 1741-5365 – ISSN (Print): 1741-5357 (ABDC C Category)
  • Upadhyay Parijat & Dan P.K. (2010). User’s Perspective of Factor(s) influencing for ERP implementation in Small and Medium Enterprises in India. International Journal of Electronic CRM 4(1) ISSN (Online): 1750-0672. DOI: 10.1504/IJECRM.2010.031383. (ABDC C Category)