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Organizational Behaviour and HR

Priya Alat

Coordinator EQUIS & Assistant Professor, Ph.D., IIT Kharagpur

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Email :priya@iimshillong.ac.in

Office Ph.: +91 364 2308033

Research Interest / Areas

Dr. Priya’s research interests are in the areas of leadership, mental health and well-being, and
employer branding. She has published several research articles in various reputed international
journals. She also reviews articles from journals such as Journal of Health Organization and
Management, Journal of Management and Organization, Management Research Review, and
Journal of Public Affairs.

Dr. Priya is working as an Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior and HR and holds a
Ph.D. in Management from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. She was a UGC
Research Fellow (2013-2018) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2012) and an
Advanced Diploma in Public Policy (2009).

Dr. Priya has around 3 years of teaching experience. She teaches courses such as Human
Resource Management, Reward Management, Individual Dynamics and Leadership,
Competency-Based HRM, and Research Methodology at the post-graduate levels. She also has
experience in conducting and facilitating research methodology workshops for students and
faculty members and employee development sessions. She also has worked for a short while as
an HR executive in an international organization.

  • Assistant Professor (August 2019 – April 2022), Rajagiri Business School, Kochi, Kerala.
  • Management-Trainee HR
    Organization: NetConnect Private Ltd. (Project: Accretive Health Services Pvt. Ltd.)
    Period: December 2011 to September 2012.
  • Santra S. & Alat, P. (2021). Adaptive leadership of doctors during COVID-19. Leadership in
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  • Alat, P., Das, S. S., Arora, A., & Jha, A. K. (2021). Mental health during COVID-19 lockdown
    in India: Role of psychological capital and internal locus of control. Current Psychology,
    https://doi.org/10.1007/s12144-021-01516-x (Springer, ABS, SSCI, SCOPUS, Impact
    Factor 2.387)
  • Arora, A., Jha, A.K., Alat, P. and Das, S.S., 2020. Understanding coronaphobia. Asian Journal
    of Psychiatry, 54, p.102384. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajp.2020.102384 (Elsevier, SSCI,
    SCOPUS, Impact Factor 13.89)
  • Suar, D., Jha, A. K., Das, S. S., Alat, P., & Patnaik, P. (2020). What Do Millennials Think of
    Their Past, Present, and Future Happiness, and Where Does Their Happiness
    Reside?. Journal of Constructivist Psychology,
    https://doi.org/10.1080/10720537.2020.1805657 (Taylor & Francis, ABDC B, SSCI,
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  • Alat, P. & Suar, D. (2020). Flexible Leadership in the Manufacturing Sector, International
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  • Suar, D., Jha, A. K., Das, S. S., & Alat, P. (2019). The structure and predictors of subjective
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  • Suar, D., Das, S.S., Alat, P., & Kumar, R. (2017). Exposure, loss, and support predicting the
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  • Suar, D., Das, S. S., & Alat, P. (2015). Bereavement, postdisaster trauma, and behavioral
    changes in tsunami survivors. Death Studies, 39(4), 226–233. (Taylor & Francis, SSCI,
    Impact Factor: 4.34)

Papers Presented in Conferences and Seminars

  • Alat, P. & Suar, D. (2018, March 15-18). Leader Attributes and Effectiveness: Role of
    Behavioral Complexity [Conference presentation]. ASBBS 25 th Annual Conference Las
    Vegas, U.S.A, http://asbbs.org/files/2018/ASBBS_Program_2018.pdf
  • Suar, D., Alat, P., & Das, S.S. (2017) Factor Structure of the 18-item Need for Cognition Scale
    [Conference presentation]. 27 th Silver Jubilee Convention of National Academy of
    Psychology, India, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Alat, P. & Suar, D. (2016, July 24-29). Effective Leader Attributes, Behaviors and Values in the
    Indian Manufacturing Sector: A Qualitative Study [Conference presentation]. 31st
    International Congress of Psychology, ICP2016, Yokohama, Japan, 2016.
    https://psych.or.jp/icp2016/Suar, D., Alat, P., & Das, S.S. (2016, February 2-5). Factor Structure of the 12-item General
    Health Questionnaire [Conference presentation]. 25 th Silver Jubilee Convention of
    National Academy of Psychology, India, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, India.