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Organizational Behaviour and HR

Rohit Dwivedi

Chairperson- MDP, Certificate Program & Consultancy & Associate professor, Ph.D, University of Allahabad

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Email : rohitdwivedi@iimshillong.ac.in

Office Ph.: +91 364 2308042

Research Interests/ Areas

Organizational Change and Development, Memetics, Social Capital and Urban Development

Teaching Interest / Areas

Behavioral Science, Qualitative Research Methods

Consultancy Interest / Areas

CSR, Inclusion at Workplace, Human Resource Learning & Development

An M.Psy. and D.Phil. (Psychology) from the Center for Advanced Study in Psychology, University of Allahabad.

Prior to joining the Institute he had made a stint in the Consulting while working on a CSR assignment of the HONDA Cars, previously worked at the G.B.Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad as a Lecturer and the Center for Advanced Study in Psychology, University of Allahabad.


Organizational Studies in India, (Edited) Tripathi., R.,C., and Dwivedi, R., (2016) Orient  Blackswan Pvt Ltd. HTTPS://ORIENTBLACKSWAN.COM/DETAILS?ID=9788125064244


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  • Nath, K., & Dwivedi, R. (2021). Tribal women’s work-life balance: an identity-based approach. Gender in Management: An International Journal; Vol. 36 No. 4, pp. 482-497.(ABDC list –  C)
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  • Have worked on an edited volume on “Organizational Studies in India” published by OrientBlackswan (2016) and have published a few cases in the Ivey Publications besides a few research papers.
  • Have worked on several research projects funded by the UGC CAS, the Sidharth Sriram Foundation, Walkfree International, HUDCO-HSMI, Ministry of DONER, State Governments of Meghalaya, Sikkim and Assam.
  • His research interests include HR Analytics, CSR, Memetics, Dynamics of Change and Development, Organizational Diagnosis and Pathology and Leadership.
  • He is also on the reviewer panel of South Asian Journal Human Resource Management (Sage).



  • Nath, K., & Dwivedi, R. To Emote or Not: Organizations as Emotionally Gendered Spaces in India.  Economic and Political Weekly. (ABDC list – B) (Scopus).
  • Nath, K., & Dwivedi, R. The Agency-Structure Paradox: Gender and Emotion at Work. Gender,  Work and Organization. (ABDC list -A) (Scopus).
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  • Kundra, S., Sreen, N. & Dwivedi, R. Role of family support for determining women work productivity  in the COVIDian times. (ABDC-C)


  • Nath, K. & Dwivedi, R. The Institutionalization of Emotions: Gendered Impact on Resilience and  Workplace Belongingness.
  • Nath, K. & Dwivedi, R. Rhetoric of ‘Emotion-Based’ Inclusion: Leveraging Androgynous Emotion  Qualities for Greater Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion.
  • Nath, K. & Dwivedi, R. From Doing the Right Things to Doing Things Right: (Un)doing Embodied  Emotion Performance in Organizational Life-Worlds.
  • Role of family support for determining women work productivity in the COVIDian times with  Shradha Kundra and Naman Sreen
  • Negative Work Place Behavior for Human Resource Analytics. With Jethnandani, J.  6. Psychopathology of Corporate Frauds in India

A behavioural scientist who has had the privilege to train and work with a range of participants from School Teachers to Police to Judicial Officers and needless to mention the corporate executives from both Private and Public Sector.


  • Evaluation of North Eastern Council, Shillong. With De, A. and Sengupta. K. (2017)
  • Urban Sanitation and Waste Management in Shillong: A Case of an Urban Village. HUDCO (2016)
  • Organizational Structure and HR Policy for Guwahati Smart City Corporation. (2015)
  • Modern Slavery Landscape in the State of Bihar, India, The Global Fund to End Slavery, 2014. With Ginny Baumann and Paras Jha, (2014)
  • Baseline Paper on Education for Sikkim Human Development Report 2012. With Sanjeeb, K. (2012)
  • Baseline Paper on Tourism for Sikkim Human Development Report 2012. With Sanjeeb, K. (2012)
  • Evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Government of Meghalaya. With Roychoudhury, B., and Purbey, S. (2011)
  • Revamping Assam PDS for Government of Assam. With Sanjeev, K. and Joshi, R. (2011)

Received the DAAD Research Fellow in Center for Modern India Studies, Faculty of Management, Universität zu Köln, Germany