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Strategy and Liberal Studies

Sanjeeb Kakoty

Associate Professor Ph.D, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

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  +91 364 2308008

Sanjeeb Kakoty was born and educated in Shillong. After Post Graduation in history, he did a PhD in the history of technology from NEHU and completed the 3 TP programme of management from IIM Ahmedabad. A teacher, writer and a documentary film maker, his latest book entitled Science, Technology and Social Formation in Medieval Assam was published by Cambridge in 2012

Start Ups

  • Hills Decision Computers(HDC), Shillong (consultancy, software developer and hardware supply and maintenance)
  • North East Data Bank (NEDB was the first accredited news agency for Print and Electronic Media)
  • Good Health Hospital, Guwahati
  • Konbarkak Organic Farms (Jorhat)
  • TREE Foundation ( an initiative with alumni for social development)
  • Susconnect Pvt Ltd ( a solar start up)

Writer and Columnist

Writings have appeared in all major newspapers and news agencies including the Hindustan Times, the Statesman, India abroad News Service, MEA , MHRD and MHA, magazines and newsletters,  The Assam Tribune, the Sentinel, The Shillong Times, EPW, Himal South Asian, and Yojana

Electronic Media

  • Announcer and Script Writer for All India Radio
  • Scripted, Directed and Produced a number of short Films and Documentaries for Doordarshan and other agencies


  • Anthony’s College, Shillong
  • Edmund’s College, Shillong
  • Christ King College, Shillong
  • Guest Faculty at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore
  • Faculty at IIM Shillong since 2009


Books Authored

  • Science, Technology and Social Formation in Medieval Assam,
    Cambridge University Press ,2012
  • Technology, Production and Social Formation in the Evolution of the Ahom State, Regency Publication 2003
  • Tawang: The Abode of Prayers, Ministry of Culture , Government of India ,2003

Edited Volumes

  • Assam

Edited by , Sanjeeb KakotyMrinal Talukdar, Rahul Karmakar
Published by Nanda Talukdar Foundation 2009

Book Chapters

  • Kakoty Sanjeeb “ Ecology, Sustainability and Embedded Belief Systems Environment and Society :The Context of North East India” In Environment and Society, Edited by Rekha M. Shangpliang, 2020 , Concept Publishing New Delhi  ISBN: 13:978 93 88937 34 4
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “ Globalization versus Sustainability “ in 25 Years of Economic Reforms and North East India Bibhas Dhar et al , 2019 EBH Publishers, Guwahati  ISBN: 978 93 88881 1 28
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Man Forest Interface: The Scenario in North East India” in  Man Forest Interface in North East India Sumana Paul et al ,2018 BR Publishing , New Delhi ISBN: 9789387587465
  • Kakoty, Sanjeeb, “Organizational Design Thinking for Sustainability” in  CSR and Climate Change Implications for Multinational Enterprises  John R. McIntyre et al ,2018 , Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham UK, ISBN: 9781786437754
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Engaging with ASEAN: Need for a Novel Approach” in Act East and India’s North-East, Ed. C.Joshua Thomas and K. Sarda , 2017Pentagon Press, New Delhi,  ISBN 978-81-8274-954-2
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Communal Extremism Can Promote Terrorism”, in Extremism in North East India, Ed. B.J.Deb, 2015, Concept Publishing, New Delhi, ISBN978-93-5125-140-
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb. “Some Aspects of Military Technology in the Ahom State”, in Early States In North East India,Ed. B.Bhattacharjee and David R. Syiemlieh, 2013,Daya Publishers, ISBN 978-81-89233-86-0
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Migration Mantra and the Bangladesh-North East Conundrum”, in Conflicts in the Northeast Internal and External Effects, Ed Sanjoy Hazarika and V.R.Raghavan , 2011, Vij Books, New Delhi, ISBN 978-93-81411-12-4
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Tree Sans Roots? The Story of the Khasi –Jaintia Borderlanders” in The Peripheral Centre Voices from India’s North East, Ed. Preeti Gill, 2010, Zubaan, New Delhi, ISBN 978-81-89013-60-8
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, Appropriate Technology Movement in Strategies for Sustainable Technologies and Innovations Ed John R. McIntyre et al, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham UK,
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Agrarian Dynamics and Technology in the Ahom State” in Society and Economy in North-East India,Volume II,  Fozail Ahmad Qadri,2006,  Regency Publication, New Delhi, ISBN 81-89233-40-8
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Linking Higher Education to Economic Changes With Special Reference to North East india” ,  in Challenges of Higher Education in Assam Ed.  N.Bezboruah, 2014, Rahsmi Prakas, Guwahati ,ISBN 978-81-927066-0-3
  • Kakoty Sanjeeb, “Legacy of Ahom Constructions”, in Roads of Assam: An Anthology, , Ed. Mrinal Talukdar and Bijay Shankar Bora,2007, Public Work’s Department, Assam,

 Journals  Publication Single Author

  • The Development Disaster in North East India, SSRN, 2022
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Connectivity Issues in the North East”, Economic and Political Weekly, 2020-12-05
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, Book Review of Ambika Aiyadurai, Tigers Are Our Brothers: Anthropology of Wildlife Conservation in Northeast India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi,2021, IIMS Journal of Management Science
    13(2) 241–242, 2022
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Ecology, Sustainability and Traditional Wisdom”, Journal of Cleaner Production,2018
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty,Probity in Public Life and Corruption, The Journal of North East Indian Cultures ,2016, volume3 number 1
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Weakness is Death” ,Quest The Journal of Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture ,2014-01
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, title, “North East Today: Tales of Illusion and Reality”, Dialogue Quarterly, Astha Bharati, New Delhi,  2014, volume16, number1, month 7-9
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Sustainability Wisdom from the North East” Yojana, 2012, volume 56, December
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “One Step Forward Two Step Backward}, Quest, Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati, 2011, Vol 4, No 2, January.
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Damning the Brahmaputra?” Yojana, 2009, volume 53, December.
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Assam’s rise of the margins”, Himal Southasian, 2006, volume 19, number 4, July.
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “A Border Without History or Logic”, Himal Southasian, 2005, volume18, number3, November .
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Where Have All The People Gone” Journal of Literacy Mission, New Delhi XXI/No9 , August 1997.
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Literacy sets the Agenda” Journal of Literacy Mission, New Delhi VolXXI/ No11, October, 1997

 Journal Publications ( Co-author):

  • Gyongyi Bankuti and Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Role of IIM Shillong in the Regional Development of the North Eastern Part of India”, Regional and Business Studies, 2011, volume3, number1
  • Rohit Joshi, Sanjeeb Kakoty, Rohit Dwivedi, “Community-based agri-chain network: sustainable alternate pathway towards development in India”, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 2016
  • Subhadarshini Khatua, Bidyut Gogoi, Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Effect Of Ageing Anxiety on The Environment: A Psychoanalysis” Journal of Drugs and Cell Therapies in Hematology, 2021-06-01
  • Bhaskar Kakati, A.K. Sarmah, Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Cooperative is an economically viable social enterprise in the study of JWSSPCFL “          Local Development & Society 2021
  • Subhadarshini Khatua, Bidyut Gogoi, Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Emotion of pain: Analyzing relation between the Pain and Body-shame” Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 20360–20370
  • Subhadarshini Khatua, Bidyut Gogoi, Sanjeeb Kakoty, “Effect of Social Media on Consumer Behaviour for Selecting Tourist Destinations,” Artha Vikas, Journal of Economic Development, Sardar Patel University
  • Sanjeeb Kakoty , Achinta Kumar Sarmah, Sustainability, Self-sufficiency, and Biodiversity: Case Study of the Majuli Island in Assam, India, Springer Nature , Bio Physical Economics and Sustainability, vol 7, Article No 5, 2022
  • Prashant Sunil Borde, Ridhi Arora, Sanjeeb Kakoty, Convergence of educational leadership behaviours and socio-economic status of students amidst academic capitalism, consumerism and commodification, Society and Business Review,2022,
  • Borde, Prashant & Arora, Ridhi & Kakoty, Sanjeeb. (2022). Linkages of Organizational Commitment and Leadership Styles: A Systematic Review. European Journal of Training and Development. 10.1108/EJTD-09-2021-0151.

Training and Consultancy

  • CSC programme of BASIX in Meghalaya
  • Capacity Building of NGO’s Ministry of HRD, Government of India
  • Look East Policy , Ministry of External Affairs
  • Vision 2020 for the NEC
  • Background note for Sikkim HDR
  • New Age PDS for Assam

Mentorship and Expert Committees

  • Mentor Naropa Fellowship
  • Agribusiness Incubation Centre, ICAR
  • Software Technology Park of India, Centre of Excellence
  • Computer Society of India E Governance
  • Atal Incubation Centre Evaluation, NITI Ayog
  • Wipro Earthian Award on Sustainability 2012
  • Wipro Earthian Award on Sustainability 2013
  • T.N.Khoshoo Award for Sustainability Curriculum 2013
  • Wipro Earthian Award on Sustainability 2016
  • T.N.Khoshoo Award for Sustainability Curriculum 2016
  • Member World Business School Council for Sustainable Business, contributor to   the Report on Management Education for the Future that was presented  at the UN  Earth Summit at  Rio, 2012.
  • Invited to Global Shaper Meet of the  World Economic Forum in  2013,
  • Appointed as  International Consultant of Indian Media Markets to the Hamburg Media School, Germany