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About Incubation Centre

Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre (IESC), erstwhile Incubation Centre, of the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong has been constituted by the Institute and is involved in Mentoring of the Start-ups / Entrepreneurs and Enterprises. Since its inception in year 2017 has brought together Startups / Entrepreneurs, Academicians and Industry experts to produce an impact in the Start-up and Enterprise environment.

Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre (IESC), of IIM Shillong, is envisaged as a set-up that would aid the developmental process by promoting the growth of new ideas, examine the market viability of such ideas, and promote entrepreneurship. The Incubator would seek to identify the forward and backward linkages and also create a repository of knowledge that would be available for academic, research as well as commercial purposes.

The Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre (IESC), Indian Institute of Management Shillong aims at promoting entrepreneurship in the North East Region of India either through converting the research idea into an economic venture or adding value to the existing product or service. The primary role of the Centre is to create a conducive environment for Startups / Incubates, as well as Mentoring Enterprises. It will serve to nurture and guide entrepreneurial initiatives with social and/or commercial objectives. The Centre will also provide other facilities which will include consulting, networking and administrative guidance.

IESC is in the process of registering as a Section – 8 company. IESC is also engaged with the Government of Meghalaya as a knowledge partner in establishing PRIME incubation hub in Jowai, West Jantia Hills, Meghalaya.

Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre Brochure
Details of Start ups Mentored by IESC, IIM Shillong
Sl No. Name of Incubatees Names of Startup Description of Startup
1 Sanyaya Khyriem Sani Glam Makes skin care products  with organic ingredients.
2 Babatdor Dkhar Ka Ktien Media Publishes articles, videos, interviews, documentaries, podcast and also deals in investigative journalism.
3 Olenka Dilip & Krishnazina Thakur Juhaal Delivers traditional food from Assam through online platform.
4 Ms. Alethea O’ Neal Kynta and Ms. Manhakani Slong Everything Shillong Provides online niche services for tourists and locals.
5 Jigyan Deep Kalita N HOMES Managed home rental marketplace. Solution for unorganized rental housing market. Deals in unfurnished, semi-furnished, fully furnished and on demand movers and packers services.
6 Darrell Kharsyntien The Student Foster Foundation Compiles unused papers into notebooks for under privileged students.
7 Keliihol Tase Rhododendron Park Cultivates and Conserve orchids and  flowers with commercial prospects.

Existing incubatee: Ms. Jenpui Golmei, Golmei Café  Deals with Café and Confectionaries

What We Offer
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  1. Co-working space: Co-Working space for incubates
  2. Mentorship and training: Domain experts and industry leaders on board
  3. Consultancy: Business Development and Promotions
  4. Funding Assistance: Platform for various funding
  5. Networking: Develop partnership with stakeholders.
  6. Branding: Image Building and Positioning
  7. Functional Assistance: One stop Centre for compliances and legal needs
Advisory Committee Members
1 Chairperson Prof. D. P. Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong
2 Member Prof. Nalini Prava Tripathy, Faculty, IIM Shillong
3 Member Prof. Pradip H Sadarangani, Faculty, IIM Shillong
4 Member Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty, Faculty, IIM Shillong
5 Member Prof. Achinta Kr Samrah,Faculty, IIM Shillong
6 Member Prof. Bharath Shashanka Katkam, Faculty, IIM Shillong
7 External Member To be nominated
8 External Member To be nominated
9 External Member To be nominated
10 Member Secretary Dr. Sanjeev K. Ningombam, Centre Coordinator

Impact Lecture and Experience Sharing on Innovation, Communities and Decentralized Future at NEHU in collaboration with IIM Shillong Report