The commitment to the PhD(WP) program is four years which includes a rigorous course work. The scholars are expected to complete the program in four years and ensure that they complete the requirements of the program within this stipulated time.
However, the candidates who are unable to complete the program within the stipulated time may be allowed to continue in the program depending upon their progress. After completion of 4 years into the program an extension of two years may be granted subject to approval from the Doctoral Committee.
Each scholar will also be required to attend immersion program which will be held at IIM Shillong campus. The immersion program is a week-long program conducted twice every year around the start of each module (tentatively in the months of May and December). Thus, a research scholar will have to attend at-least 2 to 3 weeks of contact sessions in a year at IIM Shillong throughout their doctoral journey. Schedule would be intimated to the students tentatively one month before the start of each module.

*Every quarter, it is mandatory for the scholar to submit a quarterly progress report to the Doctoral Office routed through their Supervisors.

Research Relevant Course Work (12 Credits)


Research Foundation Courses

(3 Credits)

-Essentials of Statistics
-Applied Economics
-Essentials of Academic Research


Business Environment Courses

(0.75 x 4 Credits)

Four Courses at least two from the chosen domain area


Intermediate level Doctoral courses

(2 Credits)

-Qualitative Research Method
-Quantitative Research Method

Comprehensive Qualifying Examination
Research Proposal


Advanced level Doctoral courses

(2 Credits)

Case Writing Workshop
Advance Doctoral Course


Pre-Dissertation Seminars

(2 Credits)

-Seminar on Systematic Literature Review
-Seminar on Research Design for Thesis


Phase-I (1st Year) Doctoral Coursework Module-I : Research Foundation (Essential) Courses
Module-II: Business Environment Courses
Module-III: Intermediate level Doctoral courses
Phase-II (2nd Year) Advance Doctoral Courses Module-IV: Case Writing Workshop, Advance Doctoral Course
Module-V: Pre-Dissertation Seminars
Phase-III (3rd – 4th Year) Thesis Work Academic Workshops/Conferences, Research Publications
Thesis Seminar
Thesis Proposal
Thesis Defense


  • The doctoral coursework provides the requisite knowledge and a platform for future research activities. It is a compulsory pre-requisite for all research scholars in the preparation of their doctoral journey.
  • The course work includes three modules (Module-I through III) in the first year. The tentative schedule for each module is available under the Academic Calendar (*may change if required).
  • The candidate will be required to obtain an overall CGPA of 2.67 or above for passing the Course work.


  • After successful completion of the Course Work, the candidate needs to pass CQE to proceed to move the second phase of the program. The candidate has to successfully clear the CQE exam before commencement of second year. After passing the CQE, the doctoral dissertation phase begins.
  • The candidate who do not qualify the exam shall be given one last attempt to complete this requirement.


  • In the second year, the scholars will complete the Module-IV as part of their coursework.
  • After successful completion of the course work the participant will start working on the primary research problem of the PhD thesis under the guidance of his/her Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). Towards the same, at the start of the second year, the scholar is required to initiate the process of formation of his/her TAC as per the Institute norms. The scholar will start working on a research proposal under the TAC guidance of.
  • From the second year onwards and after successful completion of all the four modules (Module-I through IV) till submission of the draft thesis, the participants are expected to make regular visits.
  • The participant will present the draft thesis in an open seminar (Pre-PhD presentation i.e. Module-V) after the TAC clears the draft for the same. The draft Thesis will be modified based on comments received from the TAC and the audience of the public seminar.


  • From third year onwards, the doctoral dissertation work provides them with an opportunity to make original contributions to an area of management or to one of its disciplines. The scholar is expected to work towards presenting papers at a conference, journal publications and other scholarly contributions.
  • The candidate will have to prepare and submit the doctoral thesis and then submit the duly modified thesis for evaluation. Once evaluated, the candidate will have to defend the Thesis in front of the examiners to be eligible for the award of the degree.

Academic Calendar

Activity / Event



Registration for PhD(WP) 27-Jun,2023
Immersion Program 25-29 Jul,2023
Module-I :Research Foundation Courses Jul, 2023 – Sep,2023
Module-II :Business Environment Courses Jul, 2023 – Mar, 2024
Module-III :Intermediate level Doctoral courses Apr, 2024 – May, 2024
CQE and Research Proposal Jun, 2024 – Aug 2024


Allocation of TAC Aug, 2024
Module-IV : Advance Doctoral Courses Sep, 2024- Mar 2025
Module-V: Pre-Dissertation Seminars Jan,2025 – Dec, 2025
Year-III and IV onwards Doctoral Dissertation Work and Thesis Dec,2026
  Thesis Defense(Expected ) Mar-2027

Activity / Event



Registration for PhD(WP) 27-Jun,2022
Immersion Program 25-29 Jul,2022
Module-I :Research Foundation Courses Jul, 2022 – Sep,2022
Module-II :Business Environment Courses Jul, 2022 – Mar, 2023
Module-III :Intermediate level Doctoral courses Apr, 2023 – May, 2023
CQE and Research Proposal Jun, 2023 – Aug 2023


Allocation of TAC Aug, 2023
Module-IV : Advance Doctoral Courses Sep, 2023- Mar 2024
Module-V: Pre-Dissertation Seminars Jan,2024 – Dec, 2024
Year-III and IV onwards Doctoral Dissertation Work and Thesis Dec,2025
  Thesis Defense(Expected ) Mar-2026