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Business Management Program for Defence Officers

Placement Brochure

Program Brochure

Program Overview

The Indian armed forces constitute one of our most valuable workforces. The uniformed officers, irrespective of their skills and level, contribute their highest level of services to the safety and security of our great nation. The officers/veterans are professional, disciplined, and enthusiastic leaders. Today’s business organizations are under constant pressure due to the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) landscape continuously reshaped by digital transformation. The ability of officers/veterans to navigate through the VUCA landscape with maturity and calmness and bring the best solutions, their creative and logical thinking, meticulous planning, and dynamic decision-making are the most sought-after skillsets by corporates. The experience the officers/veterans possess is sufficient to obtain business organization opportunities, but a formal certificate course in business management will be an added advantage.

The business management course has been developed to provide a challenging learning experience that focuses on real-world problems, and solutions. It offers new information and tools to address corporate challenges. The program will concentrate on all functional aspects of management, including general management, the economics of business, organizational behavior and human capital management, marketing management, financial management and accounting, operations management, strategic management, design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This program serves as a platform for our veterans to reorient themselves to their new professional roles in the business world. Not just that, this course will also help aspiring entrepreneurs understand how to manage their own businesses.

Program Objectives

  • To introduce the officers/veterans to the new business environment.
  • To provide an understanding of the various functional areas of management.
  • To equip them with skills in all fields of management.
  • To expose students to various aspects of management, which is crucial when choosing a second job or even starting a start-up.

Program Structure

This program is spread over three terms. The first and second terms include five core courses each, while the third term consists of elective courses. Participants can choose any four elective courses from a basket of 12 courses (four courses each from the areas of Marketing, HR, and Operations). Core courses provide foundational and conceptual knowledge as well as contextual understanding. Elective courses provide participants with a deeper grasp of many functional areas and allow them to specialize in areas of their choice.
The combination of core and elective courses helps the participants develop a thorough understanding of the interrelationships necessary for successful business management. This allows them to be more effective in their professions while being sensitive to the issues and challenges that confront people within and outside the organization.

Core Courses Elective Courses Project
Economics for Business Operations Strategy A project that is relevant to any industry and based on solving some current business issues.
Financial Management and Analysis Project Management
Organizational Behavior Six Sigma & Lean Thinking
Marketing Management Supply Chain Management
Operations Management Human Resource Management
Strategic Management Employee Relations and Labour Law
Business Law Organizational Development and Change
Information Systems for Managers HR Consulting
Business Analytics Sales and distribution management
Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Business-to-business marketing
  Product innovation and management
  Retail Marketing

Placement Committee

Official Placement Committee mail id: pc-bmpdo@iimshillong.ac.in
Companies are requested to address the correspondences to the above-mentioned mail id.

     Placement Committee Members

Shashank Murari         – 9531876389

Sahil Jaiswal             – 7400292481

Samidha Sharma        – 9987747139

Uthra Ganesan           – 7002487320

Jayant Bhargava         – 8520861522

Gaurav Verma            – 8010033297