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Alumni Committee

Top Row Left to Right: Vansham Singh Gurung, Arpit Khajuria, Sharath M, Prabal Mishra
Bottom Row Left to Right: Varsha Kripalani, Megha Auddy, Vishakha Agrawal, Anubhi Singh, Sneha Mukherjee

Alumni Committee serves as a liaison between the Institute and alumni and works relentlessly to foster positive and productive Institute-Alumni relationships.

The Alumni Committee is responsible for organizing and conducting:

  • Annual Alumni Meet – Mélange, which sees participation of alumni from all the graduated batches and serves to increase the interaction within the alumni, derive the maximum synergy and networking. Alumni from across the world get together to reminiscence their memories at IIM Shillong and deliberate about Institute’s future.
  • Corporate Alumni Workshop to facilitate communication and learning from the Alumni to the current PGP participants in several domains and for several skills.
  • Alumni VC Interactions in order to help the current participants prepare better for their summer internship and final placement interviews.
  • The Alumni Association in coordination with the PR Cell organizes ‘Nexus’, to initiate connect between the incoming batch and the institute. The event sees participation from the alumni, current batches and the incoming batch
  • Conducts podcasts and our vibrant alumni base; and using their experience, interests and learnings, to help understand business school journey and MBA better, for any individual.
  • Arranging Chapter meets: The Chapters are instrumental in bringing alumni closer together and enriching their own lives and future alumni by involving them in diverse activities and experience sharing.
  • Share Live projects with the batch: Live Projects are opportunities floated by the Alumni for current PGP participants in order to help them get an exposure to managerial domains.

Publishing Yearbook every year to bid adieu to the outgoing batch, as it acts as the one last official interaction between the students of the passing out batch. The yearbook contains briefings of all the events conducted, eminent personality visits and other celebrations on campus and the details of the outgoing batch

Contact Us

Official Email ID: alumcomm@iimshillong.ac.in

Arpit Khajuria
+91 7889829701
Anubhi Singh
+91 7408521356
Vishakha Agrawal
+91 9019061658