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Top Row Left to Right: Ravi Chouhan, Satish Selvan Saravanan, Tanya Bhadauria, Divyank Singh Sikarwar, Tanish Dilbaghi
Bottom Row Left to Right: Aparupa Biswas, Shivani Thombre, Tanya Sharma, Vartika Razathani, Rishika Nigam

As the vital link between the Institute and its cherished alumni network, the Alumni Committee is dedicated to nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. Through a meticulously planned calendar of events and initiatives, the Committee consistently endeavors to foster meaningful engagement and enduring connections. These efforts span across the year, ensuring a continuous cultivation of positive and productive relationships.

Throughout the year, the Alumni Committee excels in cultivating positive Institute-Alumni relationships through a series of impactful events.

  • Legacy Unite: In ‘Legacy Unite’, we welcome alumni back to campus to share their valuable experiences and insights with the current batch. It’s a platform where alums generously contribute by offering perspectives on their career journeys, providing mentorship, and fostering a culture of knowledge exchange.
  • Domain Breaking Sessions: Domain-breaking sessions serve as a platform for connecting alumni experts in specific fields with students who share a keen interest in those domains. These sessions are designed to familiarize students with industry insights, providing valuable exposure and networking opportunities.
  • Mélange: Our cherished tradition is the ‘Annual Alumni Reunion’, where we warmly invite all our esteemed graduates to return to campus. It’s a time to reminisce, reconnect, and celebrate the enduring bonds forged during their time at our institution.
  • Nexus: In collaboration with the PR Cell, a series of sessions tailored for our incoming batch features alumni who share their IIM Shillong experiences. This invaluable interaction not only imparts insightful perspectives but also weaves a tapestry of anecdotes, fostering a seamless integration into the institution’s distinctive culture and ecosystem.
  • Corporate Alumni Workshop: In our ‘Corporate Alumni Workshops,’ we cordially invite esteemed graduates to share invaluable industry insights with current students. This dynamic platform serves as a meaningful bridge, enabling alumni to impart practical knowledge, share experiences, and contribute their expertise.
  • Stakeholders Meet: The IIM Shillong Stakeholders Meet is a dynamic and engaging event that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together the esteemed alumni of the Indian Institute of Management Shillong in various cities. This unique gathering serves as a platform for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.
  • Vanguard: Pioneering New Paths: The Vanguard session provided a compelling mix of theoretical insights and practical wisdom, leaving participants inspired to embrace innovation and prioritize continuous learning across industries. The experience illuminated evolving trends, instilling motivation for individuals to navigate the dynamic professional landscape with confidence and adaptability.
  • Yearbook: The Alumni Committee takes on the annual responsibility of crafting the Yearbook, a heartfelt farewell gesture to bid adieu to the outgoing batch. This meticulously curated publication serves as the one last official interaction between the departing students, capturing the essence of their transformative journey over the last two years.
  • Alumni Magazine: Our biannual magazine is a thoughtfully crafted two-part publication that serves as a vibrant chronicle, capturing the highlights of the year within our academic community. This carefully curated magazine is designed for distribution to both our alumni and the institution, acting as a powerful bridge that connects past and present.
  • Alumni Interactions: The Alumni Committee conducts online sessions in order to help the current participants prepare better for their summer internship and final placement interviews.

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