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Top row, left to right: Kunal Jain, Aakash Chhawchharia, Pratham Kumar, Nabarun Bhattacharya, Anshika Bansal, Ayushi Agarwal, Sarangi Kothari, Shubhi Paliwal, Tanvi Modi, Shrija Sharma

The Cultural Committee ensures that IIM Shillong gets its doze of fun and frolic periodically by celebrating all the festivals. It also tries to bring out the immense talent on campus and develop interest in extracurricular activities. The committee not only celebrates festivals such as Lohri, Holi, Christmas etc. but also organizes Freshers, Farewell, Waltzzz (10 Day dance workshop) to keep the spirits of the participants high.


The Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong is responsible for the onset of traditions, reconnections, and dwelling in the country’s rich heritage and the ambience around. All year-round, the committee is responsible for organizing various events

Some of the most prominent events organized by the committee are:

Aloha – Aloha/ Freshers celebrate the incoming of the new batch in the most exhilarating way. A show set up by the seniors for the new batch is a wholehearted welcome of the juniors to the IIM Shillong family.

Section Wars: The year is set into motion with ‘Section Wars’ to start the journey of the new batch. It is an event that includes a plethora of competitions, ranging from debate, dance and music to sports. It is an event that ensures inclusivity and brings the students together to fight for their section.  It ends with a ‘Gala night’ wherein the best section of the batch is announced.

Dahi Handi – IIM Shillong celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna with full enthusiasm and joy. This fun event sees a clash between student groups to break the Dahi Handi.

Navratri – The Nine avatars of Goddess Durga is celebrated throughout the nine days of Navratri. The week starts with a Dandiya workshop for all the interested students and ends with an energetic Dandiya Night.

Utsav – The Diwali week or better known at IIM Shillong as Utsav is exactly what the name represents, an amalgamation of games, competitions, and grandeur. It includes quizzes revolving around the festival, rangoli competition, and more. It is a flagship event of the Cultural Committee that is organized every year with enormous amounts of zeal by the students and celebrated with equal enthusiasm by the entire IIM Shillong family together as one unit.

Nirvana – This is the Flagship Annual Cultural Festival of IIM Shillong. It is a 3-day grand festival that sees participation from the various B-Schools in different domains of music, dance, theatrics, etc. IIM Shillong had the wonderful opportunity to host the renowned stand-up comedian and Comicstaan Season 2 winner, Aakash Gupta, the popular band Swastik, and DJ BODMAS in the latest edition of Nirvana.

Aaghaz – With your Secret Santa bringing you gifts, to the wonderful welcome of the next year, the event, Aaghaz is celebrated at IIM Shillong in one of the most innovative ways.

Waltzz Workshop – This is a week-long dance workshop organized by the cultural committee to provide the students with a much-needed break from the MBA rigor. Every year, experts in various dance forms are called to teach the students a dance routine, which is then performed by the students on the final day of the workshop.

Farewell – The amazing time spent by the senior batch at IIM Shillong is celebrated through a week-long Farewell given by the juniors. With various events planned throughout the week, it is a perfect way to take up the legacy and bid a wonderful goodbye.

But this does not mark the end of nights full of joy as the committee also organizes various activities and festivities such as ‘Ganesh Chaturthi, Teachers day, Durga Pooja, Makar Sankranti, and Lohri, Holi, and random bonding bonfire nights’.

Cultural Committee indeed brings (S)miles of Happiness to the hectic life of our students at IIM Shillong.

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