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Top Row Left to Right: Deep Singh Plaha, Kashish Kothari, Saagarika Bhasker, Ankita Gangwani, Jatin Dang

Bottom Row Left to Right: Tanya Sharma, Anchal Guleria. Shiva Shrivastava, Ananya Sinha, Neha Shrivastava

The Public Relations (PR) Cell at IIM Shillong serves as the vital link connecting the institute with external stakeholders, including corporations, media outlets, and fellow business schools. Our primary objective is to establish, nurture, and oversee productive relationships with each of these entities, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

Through strategic communication initiatives and outreach efforts, we aim to promote the college’s achievements, values, and contributions. Throughout the year, the PR Cell organises various sessions and events, including:

  • Podium: The “Podium” series is our Institute’s annual corporate lecture series, serving as a vital link between academia and industry. Featuring C Suite speakers from esteemed companies like Aditya Birla Group, LinkedIn, NatWest, Barclays and more, the series offers invaluable insights and experiences to students and faculty. Through engaging discussions, it fosters meaningful connections and facilitates knowledge exchange between the academic and corporate realms.
  • Synergy: The “Synergy” series facilitates interactive sessions, both via video conferencing and in-person, connecting our students with corporate leaders worldwide. Through these engagements, students gain valuable insights and networking opportunities across diverse business domains.
  • TEDX: TEDxIIMShillong, an independently organized TED event, stands as a beacon for fostering connections and sharing innovative ideas across diverse fields. Hosted by the PR Cell, last year’s theme “Solitude to Solidarity” brought together speakers from various walks of life. With insightful talks and engaging discussions, it proved to be a resounding success, exemplifying the power of ideas to inspire and unite.
  • Mentorship Program: PR Cell introduced a Mentorship Program to aid GDPI process preparation, pairing current batch students with call-getters. They offer insights, tips and suggestions for gruelling admission processes. Additionally, a GDPI Preparation Kit, collaboratively curated with Domain Clubs is distributed to the aspirants that covers diverse topics and current events across domains, ensuring a holistic approach to readiness. The Cell also handles queries on platforms such as like PaGaLGuY and MBAUniverse.com.
  • Nexus: In collaboration with the Alumni Committee, a series of sessions tailored for our incoming batch features alumni who share their IIM Shillong experiences. Through these interactions, our newcomers gain invaluable insights and firsthand perspectives and deeper understanding of the college culture and ecosystem.
  • Social media: The PR Cell oversees the Institute’s social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Additionally, it contributes to publishing articles on reputable platforms like InsideIIM, as well as in local and national publications. This multifaceted approach ensures effective communication and outreach to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Symposium: Symposium offers incoming batch students a glimpse into the corporate landscape they’ll navigate, exploring challenges and career paths. The event fosters networking opportunities with industry leaders, providing invaluable insights and perspectives.

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