Sports Committee

Top row, left to right: Rahul Raja M, Aman Kumar Jha, Dhruv Pansuria, Amit Saxena, S Balyakrushna Prusty, Diksha Goyal, Shishir Gaurav, Subhadeep Biswas, Jyoti Sheoran.

The Sports committee primarily acts as an interface to both inter-college and intra-collegiate sporting events. It aims to motivate the student community to participate in competitive sports as well as other recreational activities and facilitates a conducive environment for the students to enhance their skills as well as learn new sports. It serves the interests of student community in indoor and outdoor sports activities. The way we organize Sports manifests the inherent values for which our IIM Shillong community stands for.. The committee works to ensure that each sporting event is conducted to developing qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit, and bonding. We believe in espousing the values of excellence, unbiased attitude, team player spirit, and leadership.

Key Events / Activities

The sports committee organizes:


The electrifying League Football tournament aka Bamboo Premier League. The batches greet the event with great enthusiasm and support


The most eagerly anticipated cricket battle, in which managers strategize in auctions to assemble the best team and win the trophy


Battle of wings where hostel wings compete against each other in different sports to win the title of wings of conquerors


A 4-day E-Sports tournament that brings out the true sportsmanship within the participants. The teams fight each other to grab the winning title.

Legacy Cup

The Ultimate fight between seniors and juniors in various sports to leave their legacy behind.

Contact Us

Official Email ID: sportscomm@iimshillong.ac.in

Diksha Goyal
+91 9810214984
Rahul Raja M
+91 9629343392
Shishir Gaurav
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