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Public Relations Committee

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates

The public Relation Committee at IIM Shillong aims at working towards consistent relationship building between the students and Industry leadership. The primary role revolves around fostering and strengthening the bond between scholars and business worlds.This is done via consistent planning, execution, implementation, and monitoring of PR Activity Charter. The PR Charter focuses on aligning the vision of program i.e. building leaders for managing business in emerging world economies. The related work includes managing the print and digital media releases, managing marquee of events and activities like iLeads, Contextual Leadership Talk, Industry Connects, Venture Stories etc. The related press feed is constantly shared at social media handles.

The committee also interviews guests, industry leaders and lecturers on the latest industry trends. The team comprises of 4 enthusiastic and energetic individuals from varied walks of life and industry background who work in close harmony to smoothly execute each task given.PR team works closely with Placement, Student Affairs and Alumni committee to capture each event organized and takes care of social media presence of it.

Major Initiatives by the PR Committee:

  • iLead webinar Series – Industry Insights by the Industry Experts – An event for the participants to engage with the esteemed industry experts in a fruitful discussion on a one to one basis from various domain.
  • Lyoh Literature – The publication of monthly newsletter exclusive for PGPEx Program will include contents from PGPEx-Participants, PGPEx-Alumni, Faculties and key events of IIM Shillong, whereas the contents will largely be focused on Emerging Economies.
  • Thought for the Day – All the participants of the PGPEX program share their views and thoughts about the Industry trends and hints on Personality development aspects and these are shared as a story in social handles of the program.
  • Student Bytes– Participants of the PGPEx program deploy their in-depth research and deliberated attentiveness towards the events and happenings that are shaping the emerging economies of the world through an article write ups and are published in the social media handles of the program.

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Official Email ID: pr-pgx@iimshillong.ac.in

Himanshu Saxena
+91 8433434865
Deeksha Kaushal
+91 98714 91886
Raunak Rander
+91 83369 29186