Student Council

Under the slogan “Take the Lead”, this apex student body of the Institute holds the responsibility of integrating academic and co-curricular spheres of students’ lives. The Council is responsible for managing all the clubs & committees at IIM Shillong and ensuring that there is seamless coordination between them all.

Vision: To lead from the front and be the torchbearers of effective and purpose-driven leadership for the whole batch

Mission:  To promote a sense of harmony and camaraderie within the participants of the Institute, act as a voice for participants in front of the administration, and provide service to the community at large.

The student council works with 2 mandates-

  1. Integrity within the program, cross program and across the institute.
  2. International expansion and  recognition of the institute with the MOU partners

With these mandates the SC aims at moulding the participants to become successful managers with a global outlook.

The Student Council organises IIM Shillong Golf Cup – the flagship event that provides a great platform for corporates and B Schools to battle it out on the greens and provides a hands-on experience to the participants, who learn nuances of management by organising an event of such grandeur.

Contact Us

Umesh Dasur
+91 9322168815
Rachit Mehrotra
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