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Top Row Left to Right: Neer Soni, Harshita Singh, Mayank Sharma, Garima Malhotra, Shreya Gupta
Bottom Row Left to Right: Simran Agarwal, Sakshi Dwivedi, Kanishka Aggarwal, Priya Singla, Saanvi Sharma

EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong aims to make businesses truly sustainable and strengthen the link between social prosperity and economic profit. The club strives to bridge the gap between business and business schools by developing relationships with business stewards and helping students comprehend social welfare and economic benefits. The club is passionate about promoting, practicing, studying, commenting on and communicating about sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility, thereby achieving institutional excellence in the field of sustainability through its thoughts and actions.

About the Club

The EcoBiz is responsible for organizing and conducting:

  • Panel Discussion involves interaction with industry stalwarts discussing pressing global environmental and sustainability issues, fostering insightful dialogue for a sustainable tomorrow.
  • EcoImmerse – A Sustainability Trek event aimed to familiarize students with an impressive trail, the local community, and the remarkable plant and animal life that inhabits its surroundings.
  • Ecovision – A case study competition conducted as part of Khulrthma, is designed to assess diverse skill sets across three dynamic rounds: a quiz, a case study submission, and a presentation round.
  • Econaissance – The club’s flagship event is a live case study competition organized for the participants of IIM Shillong over Unstop Platform.
  • Blood Donation Camp, a sponsored event, is organized in collaboration with regional medical institute to support those in need and contributes to saving lives through the gift of blood donation.
  • Sustainability Week showcases a series of impactful events designed to promote community well-being and environmental consciousness. From hosting the Blood donation drive to organizing the EcoFair, advocating for sustainable living practices, to hosting insightful speaker session, it’s a week dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability and responsibility.
    The EcoFair provides a platform for local businesses in Shillong to showcase and promote their sustainable products, fostering eco-friendly practices within the community. The Speaker Session highlights professionals dedicated to sustainability, offering valuable insights from their experiences and efforts in promoting environmental stewardship and responsible practices.
  • The club’s Instagram and LinkedIn channels share knowledge with the audience in bite-sized, quirky, and engaging formats.
  • Apart from these events, the club has also facilitated initiatives like Cleanliness Drive aligned with the Swachhata Pakhwada campaign by the Government of India, Plantation Drive to promote environmental sustainability and biodiversity on campus, and the Shillong Water Hackathon in collaboration with Gov. of Meghalaya, that aimed to address global water challenges at the International Water Conference.


“Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels.”

~ Shari Arison

Contact Us

Official Email ID: ecobiz@iimshillong.ac.in

+91 89551 18464
+91 63777 14154
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