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Top Row Left to Right: Urvashi Raheja, Avinash Kumar, Aditi Saxena
Bottom Row Left to Right: Deepali Lal, Tanya Shrivastava, Vidharsana S

The mission of usHR, the HR club at IIM Shillong, is to cultivate a dynamic interface between academia and the corporate realm within the domain of Human Resources. We aim to establish IIM Shillong as a leading entity in Human Resource Management by providing a vibrant platform for HR enthusiasts. Our endeavors are dedicated to honing the essential skills necessary for success in the corporate landscape while promoting collaboration and innovation in the field.


About the Club

usHR, the HR club of IIM Shillong, serves as a dynamic hub for HR enthusiasts to collaborate and curate a diverse array of events and initiatives aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the realm of Human Resources. Throughout its journey, the club has marked significant milestones, notably the inception of the HR Conclave in 2016. At its core, usHR is driven by a profound mission: to empower aspiring HR leaders with the acumen to adeptly navigate both the intricacies of managing people and the complexities of organizational dynamics. Through a series of meticulously planned activities held at regular intervals, the club endeavors to cultivate and refine the skills essential for thriving in the corporate landscape.  The events organized by the club are:

  • usHR Week : usHR week is a 5-days long series of events designed to assess the knowledge, skills, creativity, and critical thinking abilities of B-school students in HR. It includes the following five competitions:
    • entHRal: entHRal is a case study-based competition in the domain of human resources. The competition aims to promote case-solving skills that are both original and effective.
    • publisHR: An article writing competition in the domain of Human resources.
    • crossHR: A fun and engaging crossword competition in the domain of Human resources.
    • HRpal: An innovative quiz designed to challenge students’ analytical thinking, prompting them to apply critical judgment and select the most fitting answers.
    • HRpalooza: A dynamic event where participants receive a carefully crafted Job Description (JD) and are tasked with creating an engaging and innovative ad for the specified role. This exercise assesses and enhances participants’ strategic thinking, creativity, and communication skills.
  • HRquest / Khlurthma: Done in multiple rounds, this competition provides a log jam situation and tests the contestants’ thinking abilities. With registrations from the best B-schools, this triathlon demands the survival of the fittest.
  • HRfiesta: An article writing competition enabling a thought-provoking exploration of the future of HR, where innovation meets strategy and challenges pave the way for transformative solutions.
  • crossHR 1.0: A fun competition for a nationwide brain brawl including fun and creative questions in the HR domain.

quizHRia: An online quiz to test competencies in the world of HR.

Contact Us

Official Email ID: ushr@iimshillong.ac.in

+91 93602 59687
+91 99815 37599
+91 81328 32892